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Have you ever gone into a store to buy something, only to discover that they just don't have EXACTLY what you wanted? Many times it would actually take buying two or three things, combine the features you need from each, and build your own version. At Intimidator UTV we have just the right solution for you! Gone are the days of settling on buying a UTV that has only some of the features you want, yet winding up with features that don't exactly fit your needs.

If you want to build your dream side-by-side, then you've come to the right place! With our online tool, you can not only combine main features such as the series, model, engine, and color, but you can also include the specific accessories you want, resulting in your dream UTV! 

Here is how it works. Click the “Build Your Own Intimidator” button under the “Vehicle” section on the main page, then proceed through the following steps:

FIRST STEP: Pick Your Series

Intimidator UTVs come in a wide variety of models to choose from. These include the GC1K, GC1K Truck, GC1K Crew, Classic Series, Crew, and Truck Series. Base model prices range from $10,999 to $18,499. Talk about budget-friendly! The next step will take you to engine choices.

SECOND STEP: Pick Your Power

Depending on the series you choose, there are varied engine choices, ranging from the 750cc Kohler® Gas, the 1000cc Kohler® Diesel, to the 48-Volt Brushless Electric engine. GC1K models also feature the TGB® 1000cc engine. Complete descriptions and features are listed with each one, giving you all of the information you will need to choose the right fit for you! Once you pick the power, choose the package options that are available for your specific unit! 

THIRD STEP: Pick Your Package

Once the two previous steps are completed, there are several package options to decide upon, depending on the series and power combination in your cart. 

For example, in the GC1K Series choices will range from the Base Package, all the way to Stage 1, 2, or Stage 3, depending on which GC1K you choose. Some packages give you the choice to add the VERSA BED at this point. If you have chosen the Classic, Crew or Truck Series, there are other package options to choose from - all designed to give you the UTV that fits YOU. 

FOURTH STEP: Pick Your Color

With your new Intimidator, choices for color on the GC1K (for example) include olive drab green, orange, metallic gray, and Realtree® camo. For the Classic body styles, the choices on a standard model are olive drab green and Realtree® camo. Other models have metallic black and orange options as well. Upgrading to the XD4 package allows for additional choices of orange and metallic black. So why settle with a color that isn't you? Choose the one that best suits your taste!

FIFTH STEP: Pick Your Accessories

With this step, the options for accessories are practically endless. Whether you want to add a winch, windshield (with different options to choose from), top, sides, bumper upgrades, snow plow, turn signal, mirrors and more, you'll find them here. Keep in mind that all accessories are not compatible with each other (for example: a rear toolbox would prevent a rumble seat from being installed). Many accessories will be available at your dealer, with a complete selection at BadDawg Accessories.

SIXTH STEP: Overview

This stage will let you tweak your Intimidator options - then you'll be prompted to send your custom UTV concept to a dealer near you. At this point, you can also add a personalized message, or ask any question you may have. Note that you aren't obligated to purchase or put any money down at this step. Your dealer will simply contact you and discuss the final details and purchase terms.


You build it, and your dream UTV will come straight from our factory in Batesville, Arkansas, with parts made in the USA, delivered to a dealer near you! Regardless of your budget or the specific features you desire in a side-by-side, you can have exactly what you want! Our zero-down, combined with many other finance options, makes buying an Intimidator UTV more affordable than ever before! You build it and it will come!

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