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Intimidator “STEELS” the Show!
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For years Intimidator UTV has been working to compete with industry giants. As a home-grown company in Batesville, Arkansas, we have a tremendous advantage over our competition - especially when it comes to quality control, design implementation, and having the flexibility and ability to test components to make sure they are solid, sturdy, and dependable. 

When the word “steel” is used as a verb as noted above, you will notice it implies being prepared to “do or face something difficult,” to “brace” or “gear up.” Our steel does just that! It prepares and enables our UTVs to face difficulties the trail can bring. Our steel enables you to haul the crew and cargo you need to without worrying about the integrity of the machine. Our entire UTV assembly is braced, ready for you to gear up and GO! When you boil it all down, you will discover that our UTVs have “good bones!” Everything is built solid from the foundation up - and our foundation is American steel!

You want a UTV that is reliable, rugged and dependable - able to tackle the most demanding terrain without worry. You don’t need it to bend, warp, or break, especially when you have pushed it to the limit. You are relying on a UTV that will get you back home regardless of the situation. This is why our engineers have gone to extra measures to develop a process that produces steel that is the strongest that can be used. 

Intimidator UTV absolutely steals the show in 2020! The backbone and foundation of our UTVs consist of American steel, cut with laser precision, fabricated, powder coated, assembled with the best components you can find, all combined to create the toughest, most sturdy and durable UTV you can find ANYWHERE. 

For more information, check out this video we recently released, highlighting the use of steel and the manufacturing process.

You can also test drive one at a dealer near you anytime. You will not find another UTV anywhere else that will stand up to our standards and to our strength. Intimidator definitely steals the show! Go get yours today!

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