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When Intimidator UTV introduced the all new VERSA BED in 2020, we knew it would be a game changer in the UTV industry, but little did we know how big of an impact it would actually have. This bed is so ingenious and versatile, it makes you wonder why we didn't think of this before? How many times have you wished you could have a flat bed on your UTV? OR - wished you had a bed that was actually large enough to handle your cargo? 

Since 2020, more and more Intimidator customers opt to have the VERSA BED installed on their UTV. With so many advantages, it’s hard to not choose to have one. 


  • One of the largest factory beds in the UTV industry - 44” x 64” x 14”

  • Fold-down sides, converting to a flatbed

  • All-metal construction

  • Easy-to-dump electric bed

  • Carries more cargo than your standard UTV

  • Converts to a flatbed by folding down sides for easier unloading

  • Folding sides down allows easy loading from three sides - left, right, rear

  • Haul heavy loads

  • Can haul loads that are wider than the UTV

  • Can carry more passengers in the bed with the sides down

The VERSA BED allows for the perfect combination of work and play. Keeping the speed and horsepower of a smaller model with the truck-style bed creates the dual-action needed to tackle both tasks. Built with high-grade steel for the sides, thick gauge aluminum tread plate floor, and combined with industry-leading bed size, there's no task too small or large. This versatile upgrade allows for the easy completion of any hauling job which allows you to get to the fun stuff faster.


With the largest cargo bed in the industry made of premium steel, you have to see it to believe it! Never before has something this versatile hit the side-by-side market! Drive one for yourself at an Intimidator Dealer today. The VERSA BED innovation is simply amazing. Be one of the first to own one in your neck of the woods!

To learn more, check out this video of the VERSA BED from 2020.

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