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Robert and Becky Foster Owners of Intimidator UTV

Successful entrepreneurs, Robert and Becky Foster, founded lntimidator in 2013 with the all-American, hardworking values that they were raised with. Intimidator utility vehicles are made at our headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas, and sold through an ever-growing network of dealers across the United States.

lntimidator's mission is to offer world-class, American-made, side-by-side 4x4 utility vehicles with unparalleled strength, power, and performance - all while remaining affordable. To achieve a product that would meet our high standards, we started by building an entirely welded steel chassis, providing three different models to suit a variety of needs. 

Check out the Intimidator Versa Bed, available as a factory upgrade on any Classic version of Intimidators, other than the electric powered UTV. With dimensions of 44”x64”x14”, the Versa bed is the largest factory bed in the industry of its kind. With steel construction and easy, fold-down sides, the Versa Bed makes your Intimidator even more capable of handling anything for work, hunt, or play.

Intimidator UTV's expanding line of products includes the Intimidator Classic, Intimidator Crew Cab, and the GC1K, GC1K Crew Cab and GC1K Truck - all built to suit a variety of needs from hauling feed, hunting, or traversing a rocky creekbed! Conquer your next adventure with an Intimidator.

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We have one goal here at Intimidator – to create the ultimate UTV for our customers. Since the inception of Intimidator, that’s been at the forefront of our decisions. We want you to have the best experience across our line-up. Whether you’re checking the fence line, trail riding with the family, out to bag the trophy buck, or on a quick ride, dependability and durability matter.With Intimidator UTVs you can do all that and so much more. We start the foundation of every model featuring American-made steel, laser cut to precision, and hand welded by men and women who give their best each time they strike an arc. Additionally, we have ten standard premium components featured on every vehicle. From looks to performance, Intimidator is set apart from the competition... but that’s not the only thing that sets us apart. Another key feature in the foundation of our company is the focus on family. Not only do we try to build the best UTV for yours, but we pride ourselves on ourcommitment to our work family. Whether it’s through our faithbased culture or our dedication to employee care, our employeesshine through in our products.We know that you have a lot of choices as a consumer buying a UTV. When you choose Intimidator, rest assured that not only the product, but the company and employees behind it, are just as passionate as you about having the Ultimate UTV.

The GC1K is leading its class with 83HP. This beast offers a heavy-duty frame and components along with a robust plastics package, 67 pounds of torque, and speeds up to 65 mph. The GC1K is available Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. Find out which is perfect for you!

GC1K Crew

The GC1K Crew offers the capabilities of a fast UTV with the additional seating needed for larger groups. Available in Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 packages, the GC1K Crew doesn’t cut any corners. Max speeds of 65 mph, 67 pounds of torque, 83 HP and heavy-duty frame and plastics. See which one is right for you!

GC1K Truck

The GC1K Truck provides a combination of comfort and work. Designed to haul heavy loads and help complete any task, this versatile UTV can quickly go from work to play. Max speeds of 60 mph, 67 pounds of torque, 83 HP and a multi-use bed, there’s nothing the GC1K Truck can’t handle.


The Intimidator Classic series is just that...a classic. When all you need is a comfortable ride at a easy going pace then the Classic is what you need. Max speeds of 35 mph, the Classic comes with your choice of a 750cc gas Kohler, 1000cc diesel Kohler, or the Classic Electric Power.

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At Intimidator, Inc. we know that life is precious. We strive to help people make the most of it with all the products we offer. Our products are built for time well spent with those you love. Our commitment has always been and will continue to be, that with each machine we produce and each day we are in business, we will passionately pursue excellence from concept to the factory floor to the sale. Our UTVs are manufactured with American steel in our two Batesville, Arkansas manufacturing plants. We love our country and we strive to keep our products and our workforce right here. 
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Made In America
Our products are fabricated with premium steel, assembled with US and global parts, and shipped from rural Arkansas to dealers around the world—and we're pretty darn proud of that! We use as many American components as possible because we want you to feel comfortable knowing that you have something that is created by hardworking Americans for hardworking Americans. 

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