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We currently do not offer tracks for our units. We would recommend looking into Mattracks our Soucy

The best way to monitor the charging/charge of your electric vehicle's battery is through the chargers app. This gives you a detailed report of battery life, time remaining, and charging history. 2020 and older models you can click here to download for Android. 2021 models and new your can click here to download for Apple and Android.

The second best way is to look at the charger under the hood. This will give you colored lights indicating the charging status. 

Remember that an Electric UTV is only as good as its batteries. Proper maintenance is the best way to keep batteries healthy and fully able to charge and be enjoyed.

Intimidator UTV's are built at our headquarters in Batesville, AR. We strive to build a durable American made product. We start with our oversized American steel frame made in house. From there we add components that are selected to provide the ultimate UTV experience. We offer a variety of engine sizes and body styles, perfect to fit your needs. Check them out and see how Intimidator can help you conquer your next adventure. 

Warning: Your vehicle’s gearshift lever comes properly adjusted from the factory so that the “Park” gear is fully engaged and will not slip. During every pre-ride inspection ensure that the gearshift lever is fully engaged into “Park” and does not slip out of gear. Have your authorized dealer annually inspect, lubricate, adjust, or replace the shifter cable. 

If the transmission shifting lever on the dash is not fully engaging into “Park” or“Low,” it needs to be adjusted. First, the distance out of alignment must be established, and then the system will need to be adjusted.

To establish alignment:

  1. 1. Ensure that the machine is safely parked on flat, level ground with the ignition off. Place chocks to the front and rear of the wheels.

  2. Turn the ignition key to the “ON” position, but do not start the engine.

  3. Depress the brake pedal fully. With two hands, carefully move the shifter lever upwards until an exclamation point (!) displays on the gauge.

Image title

Figure: Carefully Moving Shifter

When the system is operating properly, the exclamation point will display when the shift lever is directly on the tooth above the slot for “Neutral” gear. If the exclamation point displays when the lever is just moved out of the neutral slot, or does not display until the lever is almost in the slot for “Reverse,” the shifter must be adjusted. 

To adjust the shifter:

  1. Ensure that the vehicle is safely parked on a level surface with the ignition off.

  2. Locate the shift lever Heim under the hood, directly to the left of the steering column as viewed from the front of the machine.

  3. Remove the Heim from the shifter lever assembly by removing the retaining nut.

  4. Thread the Heim either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on whether the shifter needs to be adjusted up or down as established by the alignment test. Adjust the Heim in increments of ½ turn. 

  5. Re-attach the Heim to the shifter assembly, and test the shifting system.

Image title

Figure: Shift Lever Heim

After every 2 or 3 adjustments, start the vehicle and travel forward 10 feet, then backward 10 feet before attempting the next adjustment. This will allow the system to relieve any excess pressure. 

If shifting problems persist, or the vehicle continues to slip out of Park, take it back to an authorized Intimidator dealer for service. 

Yes! It will not damage the batteries and is actually recommended by the battery manufacturer. The built-in smart charging system will come back on to top off the battery pack if the voltage drops below the trigger point. Just make sure the area is ventilated. Sometimes the batteries can put off a sulfur-like smell while charging. 

Yes. You can view them under Owners>Manuals>2020

The batteries on the Intimidator Classic Electric perform best when recharged fully and often. Recharge the batteries daily or after each use of the vehicle. Note: do not change the battery model in the machine. 

In order to gain the highest performance: 

  • Fully charge the batteries prior to the first use, and keep the batteries fully charged to keep them healthy. 

  • The batteries will not perform to their fullest capacity until they have been discharged up to 50% and recharged 20-30 times. 

  • Never discharge the batteries more than 80% of their capacity. Deeply discharging the batteries will shorten their lifespan. 

  • Discharged batteries can freeze in freezing temperatures. Do not use, charge, or load test a frozen battery as it could explode. 

  • Keep batteries fully charged when not in use. 

  • If you observe ice in the cells, or the case is swollen or split, allow the battery to warm up before testing or charging. 

  • Do not charge batteries at temperatures of 110° F or higher. 

  • Range may change depending on terrain, trail conditions, temperature, and driving habits. 

  • If the electrolyte level is low, add distilled water up to a maximum of 1/4" below the bottom of the vent wells. Do not overfill. 

  • Adding too much electrolyte may cause a boil-over during charging. 1/4" over the plates is sufficient. 

 When charging electric UTVs you need to make sure that you are using a 14 gauge or lower heavy-duty extension cord, meant to handle a large charge. If the chord is over 100 feet then you will need to go down to a 12 gauge. Using a smaller extension cord can ruin the batteries, the charging pack, or even do damage to your home's electricity. 

Yes! The great thing about the GroundHog Max is that it's made for UTVs. The small size helps with maneuverability in tight areas and the full setup only weighs 69 pounds. It will not cause any problems to the vehicle, it just could affect battery life, which is normal for additional weight and different driving styles on electric UTVs. 

Yes. As long as your Intimidator is in the Park position, then the vehicle can be started with out applying the brake. If the gear position is in anything other that Park, the brake must be applied before starting. The vehicle will start in any gear position. 

At this time we do not sell outside of the United States. 

Yes. The GC1K models do have a rev limiter. When in park the vehicle will not rev more than 3000 rpm. 

Intimidator UTVs are made by the Intimidator Group. Our company also manufactured Spartan Mowers, Bad Dawg Accessories, eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle, Gourmet Guru Grills, and Ground Hog Max. We are an American based company producing our products at our headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas. We've been in business since 2013 when we started our UTV lineup. We have over 150 dealers nation-wide and are continuously expanding.

All of our UTVs are manufactured at our headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas. 

There is never a more important period in the life of your engine than the first 20 hours of riding. For this reason, you should read the following material carefully. 

Since the engine is brand new, do not put an excessive load on it for the first 20 hours. The various parts in the engine wear and polish themselves to the correct operating clearances

During this period, prolonged full-throttle operation or any condition that might result in engine overheating must be avoided. 

0-10 hours: Avoid prolonged operation above 1/2 throttle. Vary the speed of the UTV regularly. Do not operate it a tone set throttle position

10-20 hours: Avoid prolonged operation above 3/4 throttle. Rev the engine freely, but do not use full throttle at any time. 

20+ hours: The engine can now be operated normally. 

Once you have reached 20 hours in the Intimidator 1000cc gas you will need to go in for your first service. 

The first service is essential for double-checking anything that could be a potential problem in the future. You own an off-road vehicle, the UTV vibrates while riding and can cause bolts to come loose, issues to come up, etc. We suggest your dealer perform the service work. 

Find this information in the GC1K/TGB Owner's Manual as well. 

The primary reason is the radiator clamps. Check your radiator clamps, if the clamps are blue, they need to be replaced. You can contact your local dealer to order new style radiator clamps. 

The initial engine oil change should take place at 25 hours. Engine oil should be changed every 50 hours/6 months as part of regular maintenance. 

We recommend using Intimidator SYN5W-40. 

For a full maintenance schedule and how to change the oil refer to the owner's manual. 

You can find this by locating the tire pressure sticker inside the bed of your UTV. Tire pressure varies depending on several conditions such as weight and model. 

Properly breaking in your machine’s engine is the single most important maintenance action relating to longevity and performance. By taking the proper break-in steps, you will set up your engine for a lifetime of reliable operation.

Operate the vehicle at various throttle levels. Do not use the same throttle level for the entire break-in period.

During the first 5 hours, operate the engine at varying throttle levels, but do not increase the throttle past ¾ power for any extended period.

Between 5 and 20 hours, operate the engine throttle normally, but do not maintain high throttle for any extended length of time.

After the first oil change, operate the throttle normally and freely. 

Please refer to the owner's manual for other maintenance and service information. 

Charge times can vary depending on how depleted the batteries are. Normally, it takes 10-13 hours to fully charge from a dead unit. 

2021 and new models monitor your batteries with the Charger Connect App. Click here for Apple or Android

2020 and older models monitor your batteries with the Delta View Link App. Click here for Apple or Android

The initial oil change should happen after the 20-hour break-in. Engine oil should be changed every 50 hours/6 months as part of regularly scheduled maintenance. 

We recommend using Intimidator SYN 5W-40. 

For a full maintenance schedule and how to change the oil refer to the owner's manual. 

We currently do not. We are researching this as an option for the future. 

We use 8 - 6 volt 2300 Series Liquid Acid with 2 Gauge Cables. We recommend using Interstate Batteries. 

Yes. We offer turn signal kits for all of our units through our sister company Bad Dawg Accessories. You can find them here.

The oil filter is located on the passenger side of the engine, above and slightly behind the lower radiator hose. 

For all models use Pennzoil Plat LV MVATF. 

  •     Kohler 750cc gas: 700ml or  23.67 oz

  •     Kohler 1000cc diesel: 700ml or 23.67 oz

  •     TGB 1000cc gas: 750ml or 23.67 oz

For a full fluid chart, click here

We recommend that you use Shell Rotella ELC 50/50 mix. 

We recommend charging your Electric UTV at least once a week. Make sure that your battery cables are clean and tight. Fill your batteries using distilled water only and 1/4" above the plate in the battery. You can order a watering kit through your dealer, if not ordered with the unit originally. 

Early model 800cc Intimidators used a plastic fuel filter pressure regulator. Intimidator began using a metal fuel filter pressure regulator and will have to be used on all fuel filter changes moving forward. To change to the new style of metal, you will have to change all 3 adapters as well. To change the fuel filter, first, remove the middle skid plate. Clamp off all three hose lines so fuel does not spill. Pay special attention to where each line is removed from the old fuel filter. Remove the mounting bracket from the old fuel filter and place it on the new metal fuel filter pressure regulator. The bolt holes are the same for both styles. Reinstall three hose lines with new fittings to the same location on a new fuel filter. Remove clamps restricting fuel and reinstall the middle skid plate.  

On the front of the engine, there are two coolant hoses. Both hoses run to the thermostat housing. 

The fuse is located behind the display panel. You will have to pull the display panel out to access the 3-amp fuse. 

If your UTV is equipped with a turn signal kit, more than likely, the relay in that kit has failed. You will need to contact your local dealer to order a replacement part. If your UTV is not equipped with a turn signal kit, it is possible it could be blown bulb, blown fuse, relay failure, or a headlight switch failure. 

We recommend taking the unit to a certified Intimidator dealer. The dealer should apply F26 compound adhesive to secure panel firmly. 

No, the batteries are always included with the purchase of the vehicle. 

The Versa Bed can be added to the Classic 750cc, Classic 1000cc, and GC1K Classic. 

No, the weight of the truck series is designed to be used with a gas or diesel engine. The additional weight of that vehicle reduces the amount of use that you can get from each battery charge. 

A portable generator can be used to charge the on-board battery charger. It needs to be rated at 2000 continuous watts. Remember that when charging an electric UTV it will take several hours to put enough charge into the battery pack to be able to drive a few miles. A depleted battery pack can take 10-13 hours to fully charge depending on how far the battery pack has been depleted. 

Use air when possible, blowing air inside the machine out. Do not spray the radiator with a high-pressure hose as it can damage the fins. 

While observing all safety measures in your owner's manual, start the engine and let it run for 2-3 minutes. Shut the engine off and pull the dipstick by twisting the dipstick (located on the passenger side of the engine) counterclockwise. Wipe off oil and replace the dipstick, screwing dipstick clockwise all the way back down. Finally, remove the dipstick again to get the final reading. 

The quickest and cheapest way is to visit the Owner's tab on the website. There are engine manuals, owner's manuals, and parts manuals stored on that page that can be viewed and printed at your convenience. If you want a hard copy, please contact your dealer. 

With the new ECU configurations, you must have the brake applied to shift gears. Just like you would for your automobile. This is a safety feature to prevent accidents while shifting. 

Due to the way the transmission is designed, part of the park lever and gear it locks into will match point to point at a stop. During this time the display will show a "!" symbol. When this happens let your foot off the brake which will allow the unit to roll forwards or backward a very small amount allowing the gears to reach the appropriate place in the transmission. Adhere to all riding safety precautions detailed in the Owner's Manual when doing this. If it takes more than a few inches for the unit to reach the park, Intimidator recommends taking the machine to an Intimidator dealer for a shift linkage adjustment. 

For all models, we recommend DOT 3 and to fill to the level between MIN and MAX marks. 

For all fluids click here for the Fluid Chart

For all gas and diesel engines: 

  •     Front Differential: Shell Spirax S3TLV (180ml or 6.09 oz)

  •     Rear Differential: Shell Spirax S4 AX 80W-90 (550ml or 18.60 oz)

For electric models:

  •     Front Differential: Hydraulic Fluid (180ml of 6.09 oz)

  •     Rear Differential: John Deere 303 (550ml or 18.60 oz)

For a full list click here for Fluid Chart

For Upholstery, were commend Lucas Slick Mist Fast & Easy Interior Detail or ArmorAll Multi-Purpose Cleaner.  

For Plastics, we recommend UV2 Protectant 

For Exterior, we recommend Lucas Slick Mist Fast & Easy Speed Wax and ArmorAll Extreme Tire Shine. 

To prevent cracking on your upholstery and preserve a longer-lasting color on your darker plastics we recommend using the suggested cleaners anytime regular maintenance is performed (according to the Periodic Maintenance Schedule) and after washing to maintain optimal looks and comfort.  

To download a quick reference, click here

Any Intimidator dealer can order blank keys. They can then be cut at your local hardware store to fit your machine. If you have lost all keys, you will need to have your dealer order a new ignition which will come with a set of two keys. If you need to find a dealer you can click the dealer locator

We do not sell parts directly to customers. For all parts ordering, you will need to contact your nearest Intimidator dealer. You can find them by clicking the dealer locator button. 

For all accessories, you can visit our sister company Bad Dawg Accessories, by clicking here. You can also order through any Intimidator dealer, find one by clicking the dealer locator.

We recommend charging your UTV at least once a week at a minimum. It will not hurt to leave the machine charging at all times if properly monitored. 

2021 and new models monitor your batteries with the Charger Connect App. Click here for Apple or Android

2020 and older models monitor your batteries with the Delta View Link App. Click here for Apple or Android

Yes, all Intimidator UTV's are standard with 4 wheel drive. 

For TGB engines use: 2 quarts of Intimidator SYN 5W-40

For Kohler®, 750cc gas engines use: 2 quarts of Intimidator SYN 5W-40

For Kohler®, 1000cc diesel engines use: 2.5 quarts of Intimidator SYN 5W-40

For the full Fluid Chart click here

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