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Intimidator UTV believes in building the unit right - from the ground up. We would rather “overbuild,” eat some of the expense, and pass the savings on to the customer. This philosophy has not only helped to establish our name and reputation in the industry, but it has kept our clients coming back for more! We also are not waiting on a foreign country to ship in our UTVs (another subject for our next blog). Our dealers have units in stock, fresh from our factory, waiting for you! 

When it comes to buying anything these days, you usually have to pay through the nose for any type of upgrade. The standard, base model is just that: standard and base. You usually get what you pay for. This is NOT the case with our UTVs.


To illustrate our point, let’s look at our Intimidator GC1K UTV, which has over $6,500 worth of upgrades that are not reflected in the pricing in this model!

1. Exterior Components

Rotomolded Plastic Components - $500 Added Value

One of the unique features of the GC1K is the plastic components. Our rotomolded plastic has the properties that enable it to support other connected components on the UTV. The black exterior plastic molding is double-sided, hollow on the inside, enabling it to absorb bumps and movement from riding on a rough trail, as well as absorbing the impact of most anything brushed against it, or thrown at it. The plastic is also non-painted and dyed all the way through. This prevents peeling, flaking, cracking or fading. 


Half Doors - $829 Added Value

The CG1K comes standard with rotomolded half-doors, while most UTVs only come with nets. Instead of using the tangled mess that a net brings to the table, we have chosen to use a more sturdy half door that meets all of the occupant retention guidelines. They are easy open, easy close - with no chance of getting tangled or hung up in when trying to get out of the UTV. Their internal support structure is extremely durable, and is also made from the same rotomolded plastic design, making it scratch and break resistant. These solid half doors also prevent items from coming inside the bottom part of the door when you are in the woods or on the trail. 


8-Ply Radial Tires - $800 Added Value

The 8-ply radial all-terrain tires offer an extremely durable and long lasting tire. The radial is an upgrade from the bias-ply tires that come standard on most UTVs due to the construction and performance. These tires are better constructed, and will perform much better on hard surfaces. This all-terrain rubber pattern also has a longer lifespan. 

2. Interior Components

Deluxe Seating - $750 Added Value

Comfortable rides are a must-have in any vehicle, and UTVs are no exception. Many UTV competitors use flat bench seats, which are hard and uncomfortable. All Intimidator UTVs from our GC1K Stage 1 and up, feature plush seating with bolster contouring. These features provide comfort and luxury for any trail ride, no matter the ride time.  


Digital Touch Screen Display -

$1,000 Added Value on Stage 3, $250 Added Value on Stages 1 & 2

The color display gives the rider a similar experience to what you experience in an automobile. Eye strain is limited due to the contrasting colors and easy-to-read vehicle info. The screen displays speed, mileage, temps, fuel level, battery voltage and more.

3. Engine Components  

TGB Engine -  $1,000 Added Value

Intimidator UTV and TGB Engine Company have joined forces to bring you one of the most powerful UTVs on the market. The TGB 1000 V-Twin engine leads the class with 83 horses, 67 pounds of torque, and speeds up to 65 MPH. You won’t believe the power that’s available to use!


CVTs (Continuously Variable Transmission) - $500 Added Value

The CVTs in our UTVs have been manufactured and tuned in such a way that eliminates the concerns about prematurely breaking or wearing out belts. We put premium CVTs in our units to maximize belt life and performance so our customers don’t have to spend time and money replacing belts. The CVTs have dual inlet and outlet housing, which increases the cooling of the unit. There are also cooling fans on clutches which not only helps to  maximize belt life, but helps transfer as much power as possible from the motor to the tires.

4. Frame and Powertrain Components

Rear Differential - $250 Added Value

By incorporating an oversized rear differential with a push button locking feature, performance is greatly enhanced. The rear of the machine is absolutely massive, looking something like you would see in a pickup truck. You can operate the vehicle in the yard without tearing up the grass with turf mode engaged, or you can lock the rear differential for use in mud or loose impediments for maximum traction. 


Frame and Suspension - $250 Added Value

These heavy duty rails, roll cage, a-arms, and other features, make your UTV extremely durable - not only putting your mind at ease, but preventing costly repairs down the road. These long-lasting parts help keep occupants safe in the event of an accident. 

Other frame components include the a-arms, made from an inch and a quarter tubing. Polyurethane bushings are also used instead of rubber that most manufactures use. They are longer-lasting and can absorb more wear and tear. The wheel bearings are also oversized and overbuilt - providing a long service life.


Under-Body Steel Skid Plate - $722 Added Value

Our steel skid plate protects the underside of your UTV against brush, rocks, and mud. They are not only standard on the GC1K models, but also come standard on ALL Intimidator UTVs.  Most companies provide a plastic version or none at all. 


If you want a trusted product built for power, more passenger and cargo capacity - all with safety in mind, come and see why our Intimidator UTVs are the most talked about UTVs on the market. For more information about the GC1K premium components, check out this video from Matt Foster. 

Intimidator does give you more BANK for your BUCK. Test drive one at a dealer near you today!

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