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We want to weigh in on the subject of weight - UTV weight that is! Of course, anything can be too heavy, but when it comes to having a side-by-side that is sturdy, solid and stable, Intimidator has it down to a science! Instead of blinding you with science, here is the plain and simple truth: 

With heavier, top-notch durable frames and components in our UTVs, you will worry less about breakage and bending. This means no costly repairs or downtime, allowing you to stay on the trails longer, working harder, and enjoying your UTV more. 


Intimidator UTVs weigh more than any of our competitor’s UTVs because our weight is in the frame, suspension components, wheel bearings and plastics. Our curb weights range anywhere from 1561 pounds with our Classic Series, all the way to 2300 pounds on our GC1K Crew units. 

Our engineers have specifically chosen where to place the needed weight and how much weight to add, resulting in a ride that is robust and rugged, ready for the trail. For example, our front spindles are 2.5 times heavier than our competition. Not only are they stronger, but the distance from the hub to where the rack and pinion attaches to the steering arm is greater, allowing for more leverage and easier turning. 


Big isn’t always better - except for when it comes to key components such as a-arms, the frame, tubing and more.


Intimidator’s a-arms are not only larger, they also have polyurethane bushings at the pivot points. Our frames are made of a thicker gauge of steel. We use 1.5” square tubing with a bar that spans from the rocker panel to the back of the roll cage behind the seat. Our competition only uses 1” tubing without a support bar.


Heavy is good, but heavier is BETTER - especially when you want a rock solid, powerful, strong UTV between you and the trail! Our customer satisfaction is at an all time high, with overwhelming reviews giving two thumbs up again and again. They believe, as we do, that our UTVs have all the right weight in all the right places.

Since the inception of Intimidator UTV, we have strived to create the ultimate UTV experience with our line-up. We know that whether you’re checking fence lines, trail riding with the family, heading to bag the trophy buck, or just enjoying a quick ride, dependability and durability matter. That’s why with the Intimidator UTVs you can do all that and so much more.

Why don’t you weigh in on the subject - and test drive one for yourself at a dealer near you today!

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