Man unloading from GC1K Truck with cattle in field
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Up at the crack of dawn, home after sundown! This is the typical scenario for most farmers across the United States. Whether they are planting corn, beans, cotton or soybeans, or they are raising pigs or cattle, our farmers are some of the hardest working people you will find anywhere. Since they are working hard, they expect their equipment to work just as hard. 

Intimidator UTVs and farmers have been working together for years. When the heat is on, your UTV needs to be reliable, capable, and dependable. Here are some reasons our customers depend on our UTVs when it comes to farming:


Intimidator UTV offers a number of farm utility vehicle options designed to maximize efficiency on any size farm. Whether you have two acres or two hundred acres, by the end of the day, you may feel like you have walked a marathon!  In fact, you have probably added more than a couple of hours of labor to your day. Utilizing a farm utility vehicle like an Intimidator UTV allows you to greatly improve day-to-day efficiency. The ability to haul heavy loads ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 lbs. allows you to save both time and energy moving equipment. Plus, increased speeds allow you to routinely check in on livestock, move larger amounts of product, and conveniently travel through even the most difficult parts of your land.

You will also be able to better mobilize your workforce, getting more bang for your buck. Intimidator utility vehicles range from two-seater vehicles like the GC1K, perfect for moving small teams or individuals, to the Intimidator Crew Cab series, with an increased passenger capacity of up to six adults to help effectively utilize field crews. 


Utilizing a side-by-side on your farm not only reduces time and, as a result, labor costs, but also increases your maneuverability. These vehicles can fit into tight spaces and coast over uneven terrain, allowing you to access areas a truck or tractor may not be able to venture. This not only means greater access to your land, but also reduced maintenance on your larger vehicles. If your farm has more than a few spots of rough terrain, adding one of our Intimidator utility vehicles to your equipment lineup could end up saving you hundreds of dollars in flat tires, alignments, and other repairs.

Intimidator Snow Plow

Intimidator UTVs also provide better transportation during inclement weather. Not only can they tread through muddy puddles and sinking soil, but they are also able to navigate through snow. Your livestock won’t wait for the snow to melt before getting hungry, and neither can you. These vehicles can also make clearing snow piles simple through the addition of accessories such as the Intimidator Snow Plow, giving you access to your entire farm year around.


Both Intimidator Truck Series and the Intimidator Classic Series can tow up to 2,100 lbs. and hold up to 1,200 lbs. of cargo in the bed. That kind of power would take individual employees hours to carry and load your truck or tractor. Our utility vehicles were made to do the heavy pulling and hauling so you don’t have to.


Intimidator utility vehicles give you speed, capacity, maneuverability, and durability, all without sacrificing power. We have paired two things that are now revolutionizing the industry as one: Truck and Side-by-Side UTV. Thus, the GC1K Truck UTV new for 2020! Farmers love it. Hunters love it. Everyone loves it!

Loaded with the features you expect from Intimidator GC1K side-by-sides, this UTV harnesses 83 horses at 65 miles an hour, with 2500 pound towing capacity, 1000 pound payload capacity, equipped with 14” wheels, 8-ply radial front and rear tires and EPS assisted rack and pinion steering. Combine THAT with the advantages of a hard-working truck, featuring the largest bed in the industry at 72”x 63”x 14” with fold-down sides, two heavy-duty toolboxes for awesome storage capabilities, standard reverse lights and electric bed dump...and you have one amazing, multi-purpose, powerful machine, built right here in the USA!


With MSRP figures ranging from $10,999 to $18,499, we have a UTV that fits in your budget! Going on NOW - 0% for 48 months!  Check out the Dealer Direct Rate sheet for more options, and ask about our No Frills Financing Option.


Here at Intimidator UTV, we understand the hard work you put into your farm, and we want to help you invest in the right product that works for you. Our side-by-sides are made right here in America, where we work side-by-side with farmers to create the best products for your needs. For any questions, or to test drive an Intimidator for yourself, stop by and see one of our knowledgeable dealers today to discuss which of our utility vehicles would be best suited for life on your farm. Also be sure to check out our list of ACCESSORIES to make sure you are getting the most out of your side-by-side.

Intimidator UTV and farming: an unbeatable combination!

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