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Warning: Your vehicle’s gearshift lever comes properly adjusted from the factory so that the “Park” gear is fully engaged and will not slip. During every pre-ride inspection ensure that the gearshift lever is fully engaged into “Park” and does not slip out of gear. Have your authorized dealer annually inspect, lubricate, adjust, or replace the shifter cable. 

If the transmission shifting lever on the dash is not fully engaging into “Park” or“Low,” it needs to be adjusted. First, the distance out of alignment must be established, and then the system will need to be adjusted.

To establish alignment:

  1. 1. Ensure that the machine is safely parked on flat, level ground with the ignition off. Place chocks to the front and rear of the wheels.

  2. Turn the ignition key to the “ON” position, but do not start the engine.

  3. Depress the brake pedal fully. With two hands, carefully move the shifter lever upwards until an exclamation point (!) displays on the gauge.

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Figure: Carefully Moving Shifter

When the system is operating properly, the exclamation point will display when the shift lever is directly on the tooth above the slot for “Neutral” gear. If the exclamation point displays when the lever is just moved out of the neutral slot, or does not display until the lever is almost in the slot for “Reverse,” the shifter must be adjusted. 

To adjust the shifter:

  1. Ensure that the vehicle is safely parked on a level surface with the ignition off.

  2. Locate the shift lever Heim under the hood, directly to the left of the steering column as viewed from the front of the machine.

  3. Remove the Heim from the shifter lever assembly by removing the retaining nut.

  4. Thread the Heim either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on whether the shifter needs to be adjusted up or down as established by the alignment test. Adjust the Heim in increments of ½ turn. 

  5. Re-attach the Heim to the shifter assembly, and test the shifting system.

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Figure: Shift Lever Heim

After every 2 or 3 adjustments, start the vehicle and travel forward 10 feet, then backward 10 feet before attempting the next adjustment. This will allow the system to relieve any excess pressure. 

If shifting problems persist, or the vehicle continues to slip out of Park, take it back to an authorized Intimidator dealer for service. 

Yes. The GC1K models do have a rev limiter. When in park the vehicle will not rev more than 3000 rpm. 

There is never a more important period in the life of your engine than the first 20 hours of riding. For this reason, you should read the following material carefully. 

Since the engine is brand new, do not put an excessive load on it for the first 20 hours. The various parts in the engine wear and polish themselves to the correct operating clearances

During this period, prolonged full-throttle operation or any condition that might result in engine overheating must be avoided. 

0-10 hours: Avoid prolonged operation above 1/2 throttle. Vary the speed of the UTV regularly. Do not operate it a tone set throttle position

10-20 hours: Avoid prolonged operation above 3/4 throttle. Rev the engine freely, but do not use full throttle at any time. 

20+ hours: The engine can now be operated normally. 

Once you have reached 20 hours in the Intimidator 1000cc gas you will need to go in for your first service. 

The first service is essential for double-checking anything that could be a potential problem in the future. You own an off-road vehicle, the UTV vibrates while riding and can cause bolts to come loose, issues to come up, etc. We suggest your dealer perform the service work. 

Find this information in the GC1K/TGB Owner's Manual as well. 

The oil filter is located on the passenger side of the engine, above and slightly behind the lower radiator hose. 

On the front of the engine, there are two coolant hoses. Both hoses run to the thermostat housing. 

With the new ECU configurations, you must have the brake applied to shift gears. Just like you would for your automobile. This is a safety feature to prevent accidents while shifting. 

Due to the way the transmission is designed, part of the park lever and gear it locks into will match point to point at a stop. During this time the display will show a "!" symbol. When this happens let your foot off the brake which will allow the unit to roll forwards or backward a very small amount allowing the gears to reach the appropriate place in the transmission. Adhere to all riding safety precautions detailed in the Owner's Manual when doing this. If it takes more than a few inches for the unit to reach the park, Intimidator recommends taking the machine to an Intimidator dealer for a shift linkage adjustment. 

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