What makes the Intimidator UTV a great addition to the farm
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Our farmers are some of the hardest working people you’ll find anywhere! Usually they are the first to get up and the last to go to bed. Since they are working hard, they expect their equipment to work just as hard. Intimidator UTVs and farmers have been working together for years. When the heat is on, your UTV needs to be reliable, capable, and dependable. Here are some reasons our farming customers depend on our UTVs day in, day out:


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Built with premium steel, you can count on the Intimidator UTV as a heavy-duty, reliable piece of equipment. Our side by sides are designed to perform like no other UTV you’ll find. For example, our GC1K Truck Series has an unbelievably-sized cargo bed that also has folding sides. This allows you to haul up to 1,000 pounds of tools, equipment, hay, etc! The strong suspension and overbuilt frame also helps you tackle just about any task with confidence! This unit also features 8-ply radial tires, steel skid plate, locking rear differential, ROHVA certified roll cage, 2” receiver hitch and MORE!


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Our UTVs that run on gasoline are powered by a TGB Engine, offering the best performance available on the UTV market. The 1000 TGB engine gives our UTVs the boost they need to perform at peak output. You can rest assured that TGB engines will provide the best performance and service that meet all your demands. Features include: 

  • 83HP
  • 67 lb/ft Torque
  • Max 65 MPH
  • 4-stroke, V-Twin, 2-cylinder SOHC 
  • 10.2 Compression Ratio
  • Liquid Cooled
  • ECU Ignition & Electric Starting
  • Uses Octane 87 Unleaded Gasoline
  • 10,000ft Altitude Test & Verification Usage 

Our utility vehicles were made to do the heavy pulling and hauling so you don’t have to.


Utilizing an Intimidator on your farm not only reduces time and labor costs, but also increases your maneuverability. These vehicles can fit into tight spaces and coast over uneven terrain, allowing you to access areas a truck or tractor may not be able to venture. This not only means greater access to your land, but also reduced maintenance on your larger vehicles. If your farm has more than a few spots of rough terrain, adding one of our Intimidator utility vehicles to your equipment lineup could end up saving you hundreds of dollars in flat tires, alignments and other repairs.


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Intimidator UTVs also provide dependable transportation options you need on a farm. Our crew models can carry up to 6 adults, in addition to handling all of the tools and equipment you need in the cargo area. Larger load capacity allows you to safely navigate through muddy puddles, sinking soil, snow and everything else Mother Nature throws your way, without dumping everyone and everything on board!


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We’ve possibly saved the best for last. Not only do we sell the best UTVs at the best prices, buyers now have options of choosing amazing financing options that are ZERO percent for 48 - 60 months, OR receive a $500 instant rebate when you purchase a new Intimidator UTV! 

We understand the hard work you put into your farm, and we want to help you invest in the right product that works for you. Our side by sides are made right here in America, where we work side by side with farmers to create the best products for your needs. For any questions, or to test drive an Intimidator for yourself, stop by and see one of our knowledgeable dealers today to discuss which of our utility vehicles would be best suited for life on your farm. 

Intimidator UTV and farming: an unbeatable combination!

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