Safely Driving Your Intimidator UTV
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You're now the proud owner of an Intimidator UTV, and you're ready to put it to good use. That may include riding trails, working on the farm, hunting, fishing, cruising the campground, getting around a jobsite, or even helping with landscape projects. Regardless of how it’s used, many people forget the do’s and don’ts associated with safely operating a side-by-side. While Intimidator UTVs are heavy-duty machines, they must still be operated with care and caution to reduce the risk of an accident. The following are some safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Wear Safety Gear

At a minimum, wear a helmet and eye protection. In some states, helmets are required by law. Other considerations include wearing long sleeves, gloves, and boots. All Intimidator UTVs are equipped with seatbelts, which must be worn at all times. 

2. Avoid Public Roads

Unless your UTV is equipped with directional signals and other features your state requires, stay off public roads. Most UTVs aren't made for paved roads, and their low-pressure tires are designed for off-road use. Because pavement adversely affects handling, it's best to keep your UTV off-road. It's more fun there anyway!

3. Do Not Drive Under the Influence

This is an obvious but important point and applies as much to off-road situations as it does to driving on the expressway. Drugs or alcohol can severely impair your reaction time and judgment, so don't operate any machinery if you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

4. Check the Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is vital for safety on all vehicles, but it is critical to safety and performance with a UTV. Each UTV has a specified range of correct air pressures for best handling and safety. Follow these recommendations! Pressure should go a bit lower in sand or mud and higher in rocks but always stay within the suggested guidelines.

5. Keep Arms and Legs Inside

Always keep extremities inside the vehicle when you're operating or riding in a UTV. Most UTVs have handholds just for that purpose. If the machine feels like it's about to tip, stifle the urge to extend an arm or a leg because what gets damaged will likely be that arm or leg. Let the safety restraints and cage do what they’re designed to do: protect you.

6. Apply Trail Etiquette

Stay to the right side of the trail, go slow near campgrounds, don’t speed into blind corners, stay on marked trails, and so forth. When riding in a group, hold up fingers indicating the number in your group to oncoming drivers as both a courtesy and safety precaution. Don’t be clueless. Be educated about what is expected on the trail, such as the correct paperwork, flags, exhaust, and stickers for your riding area.

7. Do Not Drive Alone

It’s always a great idea to either have a passenger on board—or even better—ride in a group. If you do drive alone, such as going hunting, be sure to let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll return. When driving on a trail, you should always travel with at least one other person, and if possible, with other UTVs. If you drive in a popular area where there are many other enthusiasts, you are probably safe to ride alone, but try to find a group to join.

8. Pack a First Aid Kit and Tools

If you're going to be far from your vehicle or shop, make sure to pack some tools, so you're ready to repair a flat or jump a battery. Plus, having a tow strap is a good idea in case you or a companion vehicle gets bogged down in some mud. Also be sure to have a good first aid kit with you in case of an injury, whether on or off the vehicle. 

For more information on your unit, visit the owners section of our website for your manual. If you're interested in an Intimidator, check out more details about our vehicles, including specs and features. You can even use our Build Your Own Intimidator tool to create a vehicle that meets all of your needs and wants, then find your nearest dealer to set up a test drive. We want you to safely enjoy your Intimidator to the max, so play hard and drive smart!

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