Camo Intimidator Classic UTV
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With deer season approaching, most hunters are obsessed with a few critical things. Some of these include noise, scent, hunting locations, how to get to your stands and not be detected and more. One of the best ways to alleviate your worries is to harness the power and “stealth-ability” of our Intimidator Classic EV. Gas and diesel UTVs can be smelled and heard, thus possibly alerting the game when you are headed into the woods. With our electric UTV you will not sacrifice power and terrain-conquering capabilities regardless of what you may have heard over the years. 

This season, up your game by utilizing this silent, odor free and smooth riding UTV. You’ll be able to drive closer to your hunting stands without the smells of gas or diesel, giving you the upper hand that every hunter is looking for.


Designed to still handle heavy loads and rugged terrain, this electric UTV can handle all obstacles in its way. Features include:

  • Large, Easy-to-Dump Bed with 700 Pound Cargo Capacity

  • AC Brushless Electric Motor

  • Regenerative Braking

  • Automotive Plastics

  • Large LED Dash Display

  • Heavy Duty Disc Brakes

  • Steel Skid Plate

  • ROHVA Certified Roll Cage

  • Continuously Variable Transmission

  • Lester Charging App

The old days of worrying about power, clearance, suspension and towing capacity with an electric UTV are gone. You just can’t go wrong with a unit like this that features a 48-volt brushless electric motor with 1200 pounds of peak payload and 1500 pounds of towing capacity. 


While our Classic EV base package is designed to be a top-quality product at an incredibly hard to beat price, many choose to upgrade to the XD4 package. The base model still comes with a large list of features including 27" tires, 14" aluminum wheels, front bumper, 4 wheel drive, winch mounting plate, large LED color display and tilt steering, available in OD Green and Realtree® Camo. 

The upgrade package adds electric bed dump, 2” front receiver hitch, and special graphics. This upgrade gives you additional color options with Orange and Metallic Gray.  


Every Intimidator UTV packs unparalleled power, strength and performance to help you get the job done and accelerate your adventure. Discover how you can take your hunting passion to the next level with our Classic EV.

We wish you success in the woods this year - and hope you will join the thousands of other hunters who can’t live without one of our side-by-sides! Experience the difference and come test drive one at a dealer near you today!

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