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It’s that time of year again when hunters dream of that big buck grazing into view. When that actually happens, you are either hunting in a spot where they naturally travel and feed, OR you’re one of those hunters who specifically plants food plots in strategic locations. Even if you aren’t a hunter, food plots not only attract wildlife for your viewing pleasure, they also help the animals prepare for the upcoming winter months, attracting wild game such as deer and turkey, giving them supplemental forage opportunities.

To have a successful food plot, here are four things to consider:


The first step to having a successful food plot this fall is finding the right spot. Food plots not only need plenty of sunlight, but they also need to be located in heavily traveled paths made by deer and other wildlife. Plant as close to thick cover as possible. Locations adjacent to bedding areas or sanctuaries are ideal. Optimal plot locations include areas that are easily accessed for morning and late afternoon feeding opportunities, as well as for those quick snacks after they’ve been bedding for a few hours.


Since plants utilize the minerals found in the soil for growth, the right soil is imperative. The higher the mineral content and organic matter level, the more productive the soil will be. Soil maps show that the highest mineral and organic matter levels are actually found where agricultural areas are most productive. These areas also produce the best deer and wild game habitats. If you aren’t sure of your soil composition, purchase a soil test kit at your local hardware or feed store to help you analyze and address what can be done to increase soil productivity.


While the concept of a food plot is rather simple, when it comes to actually getting the job done you will need either a tractor or a powerful UTV to break up the ground. Unfortunately, many times the location you pick for the food plot is hard to get to, with many obstacles that lie between your truck and the desired location. An Intimidator UTV is just the ticket to navigate winding trails where a tractor could never travel! Whether your food plot is large or small, our side-by-sides can make it happen. 

Our UTVs can conquer the terrain, haul the loads and have enough strength to pull a disc/plow for your food plots. You need a UTV that is dependable, powerful, aggressive and strong. With all of our UTVs, you will experience large cargo space, enabling you to easily transport food plot seeds, fertilizer, deer stands and other hunting-related items easily. 


Regardless of how many friends you have, when it comes to planting your food plots you usually wind up doing it yourself. The GroundHog Max is the key to your MAXIMUM food plot success. It is made in the USA at our company headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas, and is among the many ATV/UTV accessories you will find at Bad Dawg Accessories. Our accessory products have a reputation for quality, durability, and craftsmanship, and are all backed by a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Support is available through the network of Bad Dawg Dealers throughout the country. Choose the GroundHog Max for plowing that is easier, faster, allowing you to maximize every square inch on your food plot destinations.

The GroundHog Max is specifically made for one-person projects. At just 69 pounds, it is one of the lightest-weight plows you’ll find on the market. The Max operates between three and seven mph, and can even handle plowing in reverse. Though it is just half the width of more traditional plows, it is actually twice as fast. The smaller size also makes it much easier to transport from one plot to another. 


Intimidator UTV and the GroundHog Max are an unbeatable combination when it comes to food plots. NOW is the time to get planting, making the most of your upcoming hunting season this fall. Intimidator makes the best UTV on the market, engineered to help create the most amazing food plots under the sun. Combine one of our side-by-sides with the Max and you’ll be set! 

Come test drive an Intimidator at your local dealer, and while you’re there, check out the GroundHog Max. You’ll be glad you did!

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