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Intimidator and the Competition
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Competition is something you see around every corner. There are worthy competitors, and there are some that just shouldn’t be in the game. Fortunately for Intimidator UTV, we have been privileged over the years to be in competition with some of the best names in the business. When you consider that we are locally owned and operated, that our company’s headquarters are in Batesville, Arkansas - and that we pride ourselves with the fact that our UTVs are made in America from top to bottom, one would think it would be hard to compete on the same stage with other large, corporate companies, many of which are NOT made in America. 

We do. We can. We dominate.

Intimidator UTV has an incredible reputation across the industry. Much of this is due to the fact that we have remained grounded, and have continued to be dedicated to manufacturing the best. Built on a solid foundation, formed by years of hard work and successful strategy, our faith-based company is seeing dramatic growth as we are expanding throughout the USA like never before. We are driven to produce innovative, quality products, designed to give our customers time for what matters most.

Below is a graph obtained from one of our Intimidator dealers, which outlines our features and components, compared to three other top companies in the nation.

As you can see, Intimidator is setting the curve in the UTV industry. Our customers say so, our dealers say so. Here is part of a recent review from one of our Intimidator dealers who is also a master technician: 

“I firmly believe Intimidator is the best UTV - and the best value - on the market. That’s why Benson Ace Hardware became the exclusive Intimidator dealer for a large portion of Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin. We selected the UTV brand that best meets the standards that our customers expect. Durability, Quality and Value. When we looked at adding a UTV product, I was familiar with other brands and had a point of reference. As a certified mechanic, I went into the process with my own opinion on what works and doesn’t work in a UTV...Our UTV customers tell us that the Intimidator brand ‘doesn’t cut corners.’ From knowing what UTVs look like at the component level, I notice the same thing.”

Zac Benson, General Manager/Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) Master Technician

Zac also mentions in the article/review that durability, quality, and value are three driving forces as to why he believes Intimidator is leading the UTV world.  


If you want a trusted product built for power, more passenger and cargo capacity - all with safety in mind, come and see why our Intimidator UTVs are the most talked about UTVs on the market. Right now we are having a huge “GET OUT AND RIDE SALES EVENT” now through June 2020. 

  • Any 2019 & older unit sold receives FREE top & windshield, and UTV Cover.

  • 2020 GC1K Sales Event - now through June 2020! Any 2020 GC1K model sold receives FREE 30" & 14" LED Light Bar, Harness, and Mounting Brackets. 

  • Going on NOW - 0% for 48 months!  Check out the Dealer Direct Rate sheet for more options, and ask about our No Frills Financing Option.

Come test drive one at a dealer near you today!

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