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Why Intimidator?
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Purchasing a side-by-side is a big deal. With so many options, you may be asking yourself, “Why Intimidator?” Of course, we are a tad biased because Intimidator is family born and raised. So … you could say Intimidator is like a child to us! You bet! Bias aside, if you're looking for the best side-by-side UTV out there, we have the facts to back up the fact that Intimidator is leading the pack. 

Here are seven reasons why Intimidator UTV needs to be your choice:


If you read the reviews and scan through our FaceBook page, you will see over and over again how delighted and satisfied our customers are. Our customer satisfaction is through the roof. Here are some recent reviews and remarks:

  • “The Intimidator Truck Series is on my list. Will definitely help this old back.” - RD Hutchings

  • “The GC1K is used as a workhorse on our farm! Love it!” - Nate Schmidt

  • Robert and Becky Foster, thank you very much for everything that you do. It seems as if you exist to show the greatness and goodness of God. Your trust in all of the men to allow a group to come to serve, to the hope you put into the ministry. We are happy to have you and all of Intimidator UTV as part of our family.” - John 3:16 Ministries

  • If you're in the market for a tough, reliable, long-lasting UTV that is also a good value for the price, I firmly believe Intimidator is the best UTV -- and the best value -- on the market. That’s why Benson Ace Hardware became the exclusive Intimidator dealer for a large portion of Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin. We selected the UTV brand that best meets the standards that our customers expect.” - Zac Benson, General Manager/Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) Master Technician


A fact that rises to the top is how versatile our UTVs are. Year after year our engineers seem to set new standards in the industry. Intimidator offers a “build your own” UTV, allowing the customer to completely customize the UTV of their dreams. 

Speaking of versatility, hot off the production line in 2020 is our VERSA BED.

This bed is one of the largest factory beds you’ll find, sizing up at 44” x 64” x 14”. The fold-down sides convert to a flatbed and are solid metal through and through. Of course, the bed also is an “easy-to-dump” electric bed, and is available on several Intimidator models!


With MSRP figures ranging from $10,999 to $18,499, we have a UTV that fits in your budget! We also currently have our - now through June 2020!  Any 2019 & older unit sold receives FREE top & windshield, and UTV Cover. If you buy a 2020 GC1K now through June, you will receive a FREE 30" & 14" LED light bar, harness, and mounting brackets. Did someone say “zero down?” You bet! Going on NOW - 0% for 48 months!  Check out the Dealer Direct Rate Sheet for more options, and ask about our “No Frills Financing Option.”


We have paired two things that are now revolutionizing the industry as one: Truck and Side-by-Side UTV. Thus, the GC1K Truck UTV new for 2020! Farmers love it. Hunters love it. Everyone loves it!

Loaded with the features you expect from Intimidator GC1K side-by-sides, this UTV harnesses 83 horses at 65 miles an hour, with 2500 pound towing capacity, 1000 pound payload capacity, equipped with 14” wheels, 8-ply radial front and rear tires and EPS assisted rack and pinion steering. Combine THAT with the advantages of a hard-working truck, featuring the largest bed in the industry at 70x60x14 with fold-down sides, two heavy-duty toolboxes for awesome storage capabilities, standard reverse lights and electric bed dump...and you have one amazing, multi-purpose, powerful machine, built right here in the USA! Speaking of USA:


At Intimidator, we take great pride in the fact that we offer superior quality machinery, manufactured in the USA, right here at our headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas. Our formative days began with a desire to build the toughest UTV in the market. That desire requires…American Steel. Steel that’s cut with laser precision, fabricated by a welder who is dedicated to doing their best, finished off with a powder coat. 

Body parts are made from custom-designed rotomolded plastic, which utilizes an internal support structure that won't shatter or break in extreme cold temperatures. Intimidator builds UTVs with as many standard automotive-grade parts as it can. This makes Intimidator much more durable, and easier to maintain and service. What starts with American steel and ingenuity ends with a product we believe in, we're proud of, and a product that represents our commitment to our customers and our country. 


Although our UTVs are sights to behold, the beauty originates from the inside. 

  • POWER: We have some of the most powerful UTVs in the industry. For example, our TGB 1000 V-Twin engine is class-leading with 83 horses, 67 pounds of torque, and speeds up to 65 MPH. This engine is a BEAST! 

  • HEAVY-DUTY: Our UTVs lead the pack with heavy-duty front spindles. Just looking at our GC1K Stage 2 model, the brake rotors are oversized at 10.25”, comes with steel skid plates, has an oversized rear differential, and has a heavy-duty 1.75” steel frame, rails, and roll cage! 

  • CARGO: A huge factor in performance is how much you can haul! Although all of our models have amazing cargo space, our GC1K Truck Series wins the prize with a bed that is 73.3"x63.5"x14.1". On models that are equipped with the VERSA BED, sides can be folded down, allowing you to carry loads that are potentially wider and longer than the bed itself!


We have said this before, and we will continue to say it: “Our dealers are part of our family!” We have dealers all over the country. Each one has gone through a thorough application process to ensure that they adhere and embrace our vision, our mission, and are absolute extensions of our company. We are in constant communication with our dealers. One concern of late is dealing with the worldwide crisis we are in. We have now established a link with all of our dealers to allow those who are social distancing to build their Intimidator online with components and options that best suit their needs. To find out more, click here!

Built on a solid foundation, formed by years of hard work and successful strategy, our faith-based company is poised to dramatically grow and expand throughout the US like never before. We are driven to produce innovative, quality products, designed to give our customers time for what matters most. We believe the best days are ahead of us! If you’ve not experienced our products first hand, go by one of our dealers to see what you’ve been missing!

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