Hunting Tips: Benefits of an Electric Intimidator UTV
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While Intimidator UTV definitely makes the best fuel-powered UTVs in the industry, did you know we also make an electric version? Our Classic EV has actually been on the market for years, and its popularity has grown, especially among hunters, and even where a “quiet sounding” vehicle is necessary. 

With deer season upon us, hunters utilize our Classic EV to give them an edge, as opposed to using other types of UTVs. Here are three main reasons to consider this amazing, powerful side by side for this year’s hunting season!


Any hunter will tell you that two main enemies they battle are noise and odor. The hunting industry has gone crazy with scent control soaps, sprays, laundry detergent, scent free clothing and more. Why go to all this trouble, only to drive to your favorite hunting location, announcing your presence with your UTV? With our Intimidator Classic EV you can now enter the woods in stealth mode, not alerting the game you are hunting. 

For hunters who are disabled in any way, the Intimidator Electric UTV can even be driven and parked next to your stand or ground blind if you so desire, making the hunting experience very enjoyable!


Our Classic EV is WAY more powerful than you would think. With speeds up to 23 MPH, 30 HP and 119 lb/ft torque, this UTV is all you would ever need in the woods. The battery lifespan lasts for approximately 500-600 deep charge cycles with proper battery maintenance. 

Utilizing our regenerative braking technology, this electric UTV packs the power typical of an Intimidator. The 48-volt electric motor provides ample power, enabling the UTV to handle all obstacles in its way.


As you would expect, this electric UTV has the capacity and capability for everything you would need to either plant a food plot or haul your big buck back to camp. Whether it’s carrying all the gear needed to set up an elk hunt base camp, or used for transporting corn for feeders or even setting up deer stands and ground blinds, the Classic EV UTV has proven to be hands down the best tool in the hunter’s hands. Here are some specs to consider:

  • 1,200 Pound Vehicle Payload

  • 1,500 Pound Towing Capacity

  • 700 Pound Cargo Capacity

  • 77” Wheelbase

  • 12” Frame Clearance

  • 10” Total Suspension Travel

  • 2,069 Curb Weight

  • 3,300 GVWR

The Classic EV UTV just makes this entire process a breeze. Bag it, tag it, hang it, haul it.

This amazing UTV is available in four different colors, and is waiting for you to test drive one at an Intimidator UTV Dealer. With our “Build Your Own” tool on the website, you can choose many options, including many accessories to construct the exact UTV you need. When it comes to hunting, your UTV is your best friend. With difficult terrain to cover, cargo and crew to transport, as well as having a UTV that is quiet, odorless, dependable and capable, our UTVs just can’t be beat!

Discover how you can take your hunting passion to the next level with our Classic EV. We wish you success in the woods this year and hope you will join the thousands of other hunters who can’t live without an Intimidator!

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