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The best way to monitor the charging/charge of your electric vehicle's battery is through the chargers app. This gives you a detailed report of battery life, time remaining, and charging history. You can click here to download for Apple and Android

The second best way is to look at the charger under the hood. This will give you colored lights indicating the charging status. 

Remember that an Electric UTV is only as good as it's batteries. Proper maintenance is the best way to keep batteries healthy and fully able to charge and be enjoyed.

Yes! It will not damage the batteries and is actually recommended by the battery manufacturer. The built-in charger will come back on to top off the battery pack if the voltage drops below the trigger point. Just make sure the area is ventilated. Sometimes the batteries can put off a sulfur like smell while charging. 

Charge times can vary depending on how depleted the batteries are. Normally, it takes 10-13 hours to fully charge from a dead unit. 

Monitor your batteries with the Delta View Link App. Click here for Apple or Android

We currently do not. We are researching this as an option for the future. 

We use 8 - 6 volt 2300 Series Liquid Acid with 2 Gauge Cables. We recommend using Interstate Batteries. 

We recommend charging your Electric UTV at least once a week. Make sure that your battery cables are clean and tight. Fill your batteries using distilled water only and 1/4" above the plate in the battery. You can order a watering kit through your dealer, if not ordered with the unit originally. 

No, the batteries are always included with the purchase of the vehicle. 

A portable generator can be used to charge the on-board battery charger. It needs to be rated at 2000 continuous watts. Remember that when charging an electric UTV it will take several hours to put enough charge into the battery pack to be able to drive a few miles. A depleted battery pack can take 10-13 hours to fully charge depending on how far the battery pack has been depleted. 

We recommend charging your UTV at least once a week at a minimum. It will not hurt to leave the machine charging at all times if properly monitored. 

You can monitor your battery charging through our Delta View app. Click here to download for Apple and Android

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