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Is an Electric UTV Right For You?
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Are you considering an electric UTV, but have concerns regarding power, clearance, suspension and towing capacity? Electric UTVs are getting better each year with a longer range and more capabilities. Whether you need one for an industrial application, indoors, around a job site or to use for hunting, an electric UTV might be what you are looking for. Compared to their noisy, gas-guzzling counterparts, electric motors are quiet and environmentally friendly. Don’t let this 48-volt brushless electric motor fool you. There are plenty of reasons consumers are choosing electric, and why the Intimidator Electric UTV was one of the best UTVs in 2018.

Reasons to buy an Intimidator Electric UTV:


Offering 120 pounds of peak torque, Intimidator UTVs are hands-down the best electric UTV in the industry. Features include a 23 MPH maximum speed electric motor (depending on terrain), 4-wheel hydraulic disc braking system, towing capacity of 1500 pounds, payload capacity of 1200 pounds, a standard 2” receiver hitch, substantial curb weight of 2069 pounds, 12” frame clearance, 77” wheelbase, and a 700-pound capacity cargo bed that dumps. The newly-designed battery packs also hold twice the power as their predecessors and are quickly charged.


All Intimidator Electric UTVs include 1.75” diameter tubing bumper/brush guard, 3-point DOT approved restraint belts, a 5-speed gear shift indicator and is built solid with a finished, powder-coated fusion-bonded solid steel bridge frame. The electric option is not only safe for the environment, but provides one of the industry’s safest UTV vehicles to date.


This electric classic will be the most comfortable and attractive UTV you will ever drive, featuring a roomy three forward-facing bench seat with exterior choices that include orange, OD green, metallic black, as well as an upgrade package with Realtree camo. You will be impressed with the comfortable seats, quality of construction and the quiet ride.


Quiet. Odorless. These two words come to the mind of any hunter who desires to enter the woods undetected. What an advantage it would be to make the trek to your favorite hunting location in a UTV that can’t be heard and can’t be smelled. For hunters who are disabled in any way, the Intimidator Electric UTV can be driven and parked next to your stand or ground blind. Drive it, park it, hunt, and haul it.


Missing all of the moving and greasy parts of a gas engine, maintenance is a breeze. No gas to buy and no fuel, oil or air filters to change. You don’t have to worry about oil changes, spark plugs, and other wear and tear parts. For the owner who desires less time spent maintaining their UTV and more time driving it, electric is for you!


It’s one thing to read about it, but a completely different thing to experience one for yourself. Use our DEALER LOCATOR to find an Intimidator UTV Dealer near you, and schedule a test drive. We offer a full lineup of off-road side-by-sides. Whether you’re looking for something to use indoors, outdoors, work or play, we are confident our Intimidator Classics will change the way you feel about electric UTVs!

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