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Although the UTV can give you the upper hand when it comes to hunting, there are many things the hunter does WRONG each and every year. You can actually use your UTV to your DISadvantage if you don’t follow certain protocol in the woods. The whitetail deer hunter - for example - spends many hours in preparation for the hunting season by planting food plots, scouting for game signs, transporting tree stands, ground blinds and their respective gear to designated locations and more. This investment in time and money surely leads to great success. But if it doesn’t, what went wrong? What is the weak link? One such link is how you use your UTV. It can be your best friend if it’s used the right way. It can also work against you and become your worst enemy if used incorrectly.   

Intimidator UTV’s Pro Staff suggest the following tips in order for you to be more successful in the woods this year. Even if you are an experienced hunter, these concepts are still overlooked by most: 


UTVs have dramatically increased the ability to scout effectively, mainly by allowing us to cover lots of ground quickly. However, many hunters bump the deer, and actually decrease their success by scouting with their UTVs incorrectly. When you are using your side-by-side to get you to a vantage point, always stay as far away as possible. Always avoid driving too close to bedding and feeding areas. Depending on the capabilities of the optics you are using, let the lens close the distance - not the UTV. If you have the choice, scout upwind as well. Drive as little as possible, and let your “binos do the walking!”  


It is important to condition the animals in your area to your machine by regular and patterned use. If you begin weeks before the season opens, consider driving your UTV down the same path, during the same time of the day as much as possible. Don’t wait until 2 days before opening morning to roar into the woods. Drive the exact route you will be taking to the stand, parking it where you will be parking as much as possible. Believe it or not, deer and other animals do get accustomed and oblivious to things that can be patterned. 


The UTV definitely saves your legs and your lungs when it comes to transporting you and your buddies to the stand or groundblind. A rule of thumb to consider is to always travel upwind from your destination when at all possible - AND park your UTV as far away as possible. If you have access to a camo UTV cover, use it. We’ve all heard the success stories of hunters who bagged a deer that drove all the way to their stand and parked right next to the tree. Although this can happen, most of the time it was either luck, or the rut was on. Most success will be seen when you park at least 100 yards away, upwind. 

As a side note, never park so far away that you get winded while walking to your stand. If you can close the distance while maintaining breathing through your nose, you will achieve greater success. Getting winded not only causes you to sweat, but also causes you to breathe through your mouth, which increases the chance of distributing your breath scent/halitosis throughout the woods. That tip was free of charge :)


More and more hunters are using their UTVs to plant food plots. UTVs are less invasive than a large tractor, leaving a smaller footprint in the area. The use of smaller discs and even the new, compact Groundhog Max makes it easier than ever before! UTVs are more maneuverable than tractors, and can navigate the narrow trails, the twists and turns of the woods. WHEN you plant your food plots is almost as important as WHERE they are planted. This first tip suggests that you use your UTV to plant food plots midsummer if at all possible - WAY before the deer hunting season begins. It may seem unproductive planting in the hot summer months, but realize that the growing process takes a while. Giving the plants time to germinate and develop in time BEFORE the season begins is key. Also, if you plant too late, the plants won’t survive as well when the cold temps hit. 

Another approach is to consider planting during late spring/early summer. This is a great idea - especially if you are needing to increase the deer population in your area. These earlier food plots will provide much needed nutrition to the does and fawns. 

Another reason for planting pre-season is that you want to leave the hunting area as undisturbed as possible. Getting the food plot in the ground ahead of the season will allow the deer to resume to their normal routine. Planting later in the year with any machine - UTV or tractor -  can cause them to be leary of the disturbed area. Plant early!


Quiet. Odorless. These two words come to the mind of any hunter who desires to enter the woods undetected. What an advantage it would be to make the trek to your favorite hunting location in a UTV that can’t be heard and can’t be smelled. For hunters who are disabled in any way, the Intimidator 48 Volt Electric UTV can be driven and parked next to your stand or ground blind. Drive it, park it, hunt, and haul it. 

  • 30HP

  • Max 23 mph

  • 119 lb/ft Torque

  • Battery lifespan of approximately 500-600 deep charge cycles with proper battery maintenance

  • Regenerative Braking

This UTV is silent and smooth, yet packs the power typical of an Intimidator. This quiet machine allows you to enjoy the ride without the loud noise and smells from a gas or diesel engine system. Able to still handle heavy loads and terrain, this electric motor can handle all obstacles in its way.


The UTV can be your best friend! Don’t make it your enemy this year by ignoring these simple, yet effective tips. You will also take your hunting to another level this fall and winter with the purchase of an Intimidator UTV! Regardless of the model you choose, our side-by-sides pack unparalleled power, strength, and performance to help you enjoy more success in the woods. Experience the difference and come test drive one at a dealer near you today!

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