2015 Intimidator Product Showcase

A look into the 2015 Intimidator UTVs products.

Intimidator's 800 cc Gas Engine - October 2015

Intimidator's 800 cc Gas engine brings more horsepower and speed to the already hard working Intimidator line-up. The all-new 800 offers 65 HP and will go up to 60 MPH. Optimized for torque, the 800 engine delivers class-leading towing and cargo capacity to haul just about anything you would like. With the 4-stroke, 8-valve, Electronic Fuel Injected gas engine, Intimidators are now perfect for work, hunt and play.

Intimidator Truck Series

When it's time to haul the big stuff, check out the Intimidator Truck Series side-by-side UTV.

Designed to make your tough jobs easier, the four wheel drive
Truck Series has built in tool boxes and a 6-foot aluminum truck bed capable of handling 1200lbs
of cargo, and 2100lbs towing capacity.

For the farm, big hunt, or for the weekend...the Intimidator Truck Series is the powerhouse YOU need. Find a dealer near you at