June 26, 2023
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Intimidator Group has implemented a safety process called SafeStart for all employees to gain personal safety skills that drive self-awareness of human factors at work, at home or on the road.


“This initiative is crucial to creating a culture of safety that reaches beyond the workplace,” stated Stacey Garwood, Health & Safety Specialist, Intimidator Group. “By developing a safety-first mindset and sharing that knowledge with family and friends, we’re also creating safer environments in our homes and communities.”


SafeStart’s safety and human error reduction training is used by thousands of worksites to cut down on common states and errors that lead to injuries and fatalities. The sessions focus on making human factors more understandable and safety training more personable as well as providing organizations with a more engaging and useful approach to keeping people safe.


“SafeStart is a holistic approach to workplace safety,” said Mike Groeneveld, Director of Operations, Intimidator Group. “Through improved communication and meaningful feedback, the system will help employees develop stronger self-awareness and self-management to reduce risk of injury both on and off the job.”


Training at Intimidator Group’s Batesville facilities began the first week in May and will continue long term with an observation and feedback process, ongoing supervisor training, orientation for news hires, and follow-up coaching and assessments. Increasing participation in workplace training and shifting attitudes about safety to a 24/7 approach will foster a more robust and permanent safety culture for the company.


About Intimidator Group: Intimidator Group is an Arkansas-based company founded in 2013. Focused on building greatness, the Intimidator Group family includes Spartan Mowers®, Intimidator UTV®, eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle®, Bad Dawg Accessories and Ground Hog Max. For more information, please visit

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