GC1K Truck Series

GC1K Truck
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2 out of 5
Loaded with features from the GC1K line-up, the GC1K Truck is designed for getting work done. Industry-leading bed size and folding sides allow you to haul 1,000 pounds of whatever you need. The strong suspension and overbuilt frame help take on any task. 

Set the Stage

Designed to be ready to go as it its, the GC1K Truck comes in the perfect package.
GC1K Bumper
Half Shaft
Front Receiver Hitch
Rear Receiver Hitch
Power Steering
Tire Ply
Auxiliary Power
Bed Dump
TGB Engine
Powered By TGB
TGB Engine offers the best performance available on the UTV market. Available in our GC1K models, the 1000 TGB engine gives our UTVs the boost they need to perform at peak output. You can rest assured that TGB engines will provide the best performance and service that meet all your demands.  

83HP – Class-Leading, 67lb/ft Torque, Max 65 mph, 4-stroke, V-Twin, 2-cylinder SOHC, 10.2 Compression Ratio, Liquid Cooled, ECU Ignition & Electric Starting, Uses Octane 87 Unleaded Gasoline, 10,000ft Altitude Test & Verification Usage 

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