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Winter & Your UTV
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Old Man Winter is here. Snow has already graced many forests and trails all across the USA. While many of us tend to hibernate and limit our exposure to the elements, some dare to venture outside, enjoying the crisp, cool air with your UTV. If this is you, this blog is for you. 

Winter is an amazing time to enjoy riding off-road. While there are many thrills and wonderful benefits to being out and about, before you go, here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared!


The first thing to do is to make sure your Intimidator is properly serviced. Check the oil levels, air filter, battery charge, etc. Consider using a cold-weather oil and possibly a fuel conditioner. You’re going to layer up, so do the same for your UTV!

While it’s important to get your side-by-side ready, it’s also important to make sure you are ready. This includes being prepared for any potential emergency situation. In addition to wearing the proper clothing (goggles, gloves, clothing layers…) be sure to carry a first aid kit and other supplies just in case you’re stranded and find yourself out in the cold for longer than anticipated. Supplies to consider include:

  • Matches and other supplies to start a fire

  • Water

  • Food

  • Extra blanket and/or extra clothing

  • First Aid Kit

  • Cell phone, radio, or some sort of communication device

  • GPS (some GPS units come with SOS technology for added safety)

  • Shovel

  • Tow strap


Adding a few accessories to your UTV can help keep you safe and warm on winter rides. For those who find themselves bogged down in snow, a snow plow added to your Intimidator can help clear paths quickly and help you do what needs to get done. The Intimidator Snow Plow from Bad Dawg Accessories is just what you need to make a never-ending task manageable. 

Other accessory options include our Intimidator Cab Heater and a reliable winch to ensure you can get out of anything dicy and icy! 

Other items to consider include a UTV Cover, as well as a full-cab enclosure. Some of our enclosure options include the Intimidator ArmorTech Classic Cab Enclosure and the Intimidator ArmorTech GC1K Cab Enclosure. Both come complete with doors, roof, back, and front, and are made in the USA. 


Winter and an Intimidator UTV make an unbeatable combination. With  a range of  pricing options and an amazing lineup of UTVs, why not get a new Intimidator before hitting the trails! They are waiting for you to test drive at a dealer near you!

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