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Summer is here and vacations are being planned, with destinations being googled like never before! All across America more and more people are taking their UTVs with them on vacations, hitting the trails, sand dunes, beaches and more! While there are literally thousands of trails to choose from, here are a few of our favorites in the USA to consider!

1. Moab, Utah

When you think of trail riding, Moab is usually at the top of any list. You will find dozens of trails that cover thousands of miles. There are trails for beginners to the pros. While you can’t ride INSIDE the park, you can ride all around it.  

2. Arizona Peace Trail

This trail system is located in Mohave, La Paz and Yuma Counties in Arizona, covering close to 800 miles of trails to choose from. There is no cost to ride the trails, plus you’ll get to see many historic and scenic points of interest along the way. 

3. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Oregon

If you want to ride on trails along the coast, this is it. The Oregon Dunes is located on the southern Oregon coast, featuring dunes over 500 feet high. There are campgrounds to choose from in the area as well, making trail access extremely convenient. 

4. Paiute ATV Trail, Utah 

This trail system is probably the largest in the US, with close to 2500 miles of trails that traverse around lakes, rock formations and more. One highlight is to travel the main loop which takes 25 hours to complete.

5. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia

If you’re headed east, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is one to check out for sure. There are over 600 miles of trails to ride on all year long.

6. Beasley Knob Trail System, Blairsville, Georgia

If you’re looking for a challenge, this trail system has it all. Located in the Chattahoochee National Forest, there are close to 15 miles of rugged terrain that includes many steep hills, this one is not for the faint of heart. They are open from March through the end of the year, depending on the weather. Cost is $5.

7. Brimstone Recreation Area, Tennessee

With over 19,000 acres in the Brimstone trail system, you’ll enjoy the scenic overlooks with trail options that go through the woods and along many creeks and rivers. Beautiful area!

8.  Joe State Park, Missouri

In the heart of the nation you’ll find St. Joe State Park. This system is on 2000 acres, filled with trail options for all ages. There are some campgrounds available as well, making it very convenient to combine camping and trail riding!

9. Imperial Sand Dunes, California

Want to ride the dunes? Imperial is an amazing recreational area, with dunes that project close to 350 feet above the desert floor. Since it’s a hot destination - literally - it is recommended you visit them early fall to late spring. 


10. Ocala National Forest, Florida

If you’re headed to Florida, this one is a must see! With over 200 miles of trails to choose from, you’ll see lakes, creeks, rivers and more! If you’re headed to Disney, Ocala is located just north of Orlando!


Whether you are looking to go across the country or to a local off-road playground, Intimidators are designed for work, hunt, and PLAY. So, load up your rig, pack some luggage, and head out for a vacation of a lifetime with Intimidator.


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