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There has never been a better time to buy an Intimidator UTV than NOW! We not only have an incredible ZERO PERCENT financing option, but we've never had a more powerful lineup than now! 

For starters, our Classic Series is a great entry-level model at only $10,999 (base MSRP). Even though it is the low man on the price totem pole, it packs a punch with three engine options, including our 48v brushless electric model. This UTV comes with premium bench seats, with headrests for up to three adult passengers. The bed is made of US steel, can hold up to 1,200 pounds of cargo, and has a towing capacity of up to 2,100 pounds!

For more passengers and only $2000 more (based on MSRP), you double your seating capacity with our Crew Cab Series. You can conquer the terrain and take more people with you at the same time! This model can carry 6 adults, the cargo bed holds up to 1,000 pounds, and also comes with a towing capacity of 2,100 pounds!

Next is our new Truck Series. Starting at only $13,099 (base MSRP), this powerhouse features a bed that can fold down into a flatbed, handling up to 1,200 pounds of cargo. It comes with either a 750 cc Kohler® gas or 1000cc Kohler diesel engine. Combining the features of a UTV and a truck bed has resulted in one amazing UTV that you have to see to believe!


Our new GC1K Series leads the UTV industry with an 83 horsepower engine, starting at only $13,799 (base MSRP)! The frame is heavy duty, plus has 67 pounds of torque, and speeds up to 65 MPH! The GC1K is available in the Base Model, as well as Stage 1, 2, or 3 options.

Starting at only $15,099 (base MSRP) is the Intimidator GC1K Crew Series. With the same power as the GC1K, but can handle more passengers! The sleek, automotive-style headlights come standard with both high and low beams, as well as LED daytime running lights. 

Last of all is our powerful GC1K Truck Series. This versatile UTV has amazing horsepower, speed, and towing capacity. Starting at only $18,499 (base MSRP), the GC1K Truck is equipped with 28”x10.5”x14” 8-ply radial front and rear tires. It features the largest bed in the industry at 70”x60”x14” with fold-down sides and two heavy-duty tool boxes. Other features include standard reverse lights, and electric bed dump.


Regardless of your budget, we have a UTV just right for you! Our zero down option, combined with our “ ” that runs through March, makes buying an Intimidator more affordable than ever before! We have dealers located throughout the USA, and they are waiting to show you what the buzz is all about! Come drive one today and see how amazing our UTVs are, and how we make the buying process as simple as possible!

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