August 18, 2021
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With summer winding down and cool temps just around the corner, food plots are high on the priority list for serious hunters all across America. Fall food plots are a great addition to any property, and can help lead you to major success when hunting season rolls around! Key fall food sources are very beneficial as colder temps arrive. Food plots offer game species, such as deer and turkey, supplemental forage opportunities, and can greatly help in attracting and holding more game species on your hunting property throughout the entire hunting season. 

While the concept of a food plot is rather simple, the science, planning, researching, and planting that lies behind the simple install of the food plot has caused some hunters to become part hunter, part biologist, and part farmer.  The best way to get it done is to combine an Intimidator UTV with a GroundHog Max


First of all, you have to have a side-by-side that can conquer the terrain, haul the loads and have enough strength to pull a disc/plow for your food plots. You need a UTV that is dependable, powerful, aggressive and strong. With all of our Intimidator models, you will experience large cargo space, enabling you to easily transport deer stands and other hunting-related equipment easily. Hauling the harvested game out of the woods is a breeze.


The GroundHog Max is the key to your MAXIMUM food plot success. It is made in the USA at our company headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas, and is among the many ATV/UTV accessories you will find at Bad Dawg Accessories. Our accessory products have a reputation for quality, durability, and craftsmanship, and are all backed by a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Support is available through the network of Bad Dawg Dealers throughout the country. Choose the GroundHog Max for plowing that is easier, faster, allowing you to maximize every square inch on your food plot destinations.

Regardless of how many friends you have, when it comes to planting your food plots you usually wind up doing it yourself. With the GroundHog Max you can prepare the ground YOURSELF! The Max is specifically made for one-person projects. At just 69 pounds, it is one of the lightest-weight plows you’ll find on the market. The GroundHog Max operates between three and seven mph, and can even handle plowing in reverse. Though it is just half the width of more traditional plows, it is actually twice as fast. The smaller size also makes it much easier to transport from one plot to another. In most food plot locations, there seems to always be the one tight spot you just can’t get to. If your UTV can maneuver to it, your GroundHog Max can plow it. In fact, the small size works to its advantage, letting it fit into tight areas that bigger plows can’t handle.The GroundHog Max is also the perfect accessory for creating firebreaks, which are required in many areas of the country. 


In order to achieve the most success in the fall, it is important to know WHERE you are going to plant your food plot. Great apps like can help you map out your property, deer movement, bedding areas, stand locations, and can help you visualize where spring food plots make sense. Once you know where you are going to install your food plot, you then need to confirm what vegetation is currently there. This will help you determine the proper tillage and/or herbicide treatment that you will need to kill the existing vegetation and begin establishing your food plot. Also, it will help you estimate additional costs such as herbicides, which can be a very important step in preparing and maintaining a food plot throughout the growing season. 

Intimidator UTV and the GroundHog Max are an unbeatable combination when it comes to food plots. NOW is the time to get planting, making the most of your upcoming hunting season this fall. Intimidator makes the best UTV on the market, engineered to help create the most amazing food plots under the sun (or in the woods). Combine one of our side-by-sides with the Max and you’ll be set! Come test drive an Intimidator at your local dealer, and while you’re there, check out the GroundHog Max. You’ll be glad you did!

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