January 20, 2020
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For several years, the choice of many has been the ATV - mostly because that was the only choice you had. The ATV first emerged in the 1960s, and began as an amphibious 6-wheeler like the Jiger in 1961 and the Amphicat, manufactured in the late 1960s. The first ATV as we know it emerged as a 3-wheeler. An ATV has a different look, design and feel than a side-by-side does. Also known as a four wheeler, with an ATV, you straddle the seat, brake with your hands and feet, steer with handlebars, and throttle up with your thumb or a twist throttle.

There’s no question that they are of use in lands that are impossible to navigate with the run-of-the-mill 4-door sedan or truck. But as with most pioneers, they are destined to be replaced by something better, and the ATV has definitely been supplanted by the all-purpose UTV.


A side by side utility vehicle (UTV) is simply considered an off-road vehicle in which two people sit beside each other, with options for additional seating and a cargo bed. The seating configuration is the same as in a car or truck. You also have a steering wheel, pedals, and a gear shift just like a vehicle. The UTV is not only larger than an ATV, but these vehicles are made for utility purposes on the farm, on the hunt, around the house, or even just for fun!


Ever since the inception of Intimidator UTVs, safety has always been of the utmost concern. When it comes to the center of gravity, your UTV will be a safer choice, hands down! This helps to make your UTV more stable, and means there is less of a chance of rolling over. This, of course, will lead to a safer experience overall. 

UTVs are more comfortable, more safe, and more powerful than ATVs. UTVs includes features like:

  • Roll cage 

  • Automotive-style seating 

  • A steering wheel and column 

  • Automotive-style amenities like a foot-controlled throttle and brakes

  • Cargo bed with the payload capability higher than most ATVs

  • Seat belts

  • Ability to carry passengers

  • Riders are inside the vehicle, so they are protected from passing hazards better

  • Optional accessories provide additional benefits over an ATV


A HUGE advantage with an Intimidator is the ability to haul multiple passengers in comfortable seats, as well as haul cargo in the bed. Our UTVs are known for their hauling capacity, with some beds featuring fold down sides. 

The cargo bed allows a UTV to carry more gear and a heavier load than an ATV can without having to hitch a trailer. As UTVs use automotive-style seating, they are more comfortable during long trips or for older riders when compared to the ATV. This, combined with a large payload capacity, makes UTVs much better suited for work applications.

A UTV can be more customizable than an ATV. There are numerous ways to add “bling” to a UTV - including LED lighting, in-cab heating, sound systems, windshields, cab enclosures, roof racks, wheels and tires upgrades, reinforcements to the roll cage, and engine and suspension upgrades and etc. For the UTV owner, it is just as easy to go overboard with options and customizations as it is for a new pickup truck.


In the battle of ATV vs. UTV, the Intimidator makes it a clear-cut victory. Our newest addition to the family in 2020 is the GC1K Truck UTV, loaded with the features you expect from Intimidator GC1K side-by-sides. 

This UTV harnesses 83 horses at 65 miles an hour, with 2500 pound towing capacity, 1000 pound payload capacity, equipped with 14” wheels, 8-ply radial front and rear tires and EPS assisted rack and pinion steering. Combine THAT with the advantages of a hard-working truck, featuring the largest bed in the industry at 70x60x14 with fold-down sides, two heavy duty tool boxes for awesome storage capabilities, standard reverse lights and electric bed dump...and you have one amazing, multi-purpose, powerful machine, built right here in the USA! 

Made with the confidence and know-how of American engineers and experts, the home-grown Intimidator is perfect for camping, recreation, hunting, and working around the farm. There’s not only ample storage space and enough seats for everyone, but you can be assured of its ruggedness and durability. Our UTVs are guaranteed to power you through the toughest terrain or demanding jobs.

ATVs have had their day in the sun, giving way to a utility vehicle that packs so many more advantages. If you want a trusted product built for power, more passenger and cargo capacity - all with safety in mind, come and see why our Intimidator UTVs are the most talked about UTVs on the market. Come test drive one at a dealer near you today! Right now we are having a huge sales event, plus cash incentives you don’t want to miss! EVERY 2019 and older UTV purchased receives a FREE top, windshield and UTV cover. Take advantage of this sales incentive while it lasts.

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