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Intimidator UTV | GC1K Crew | January 15, 2019

As part of Intimidator’s brand promise, we are constantly seeking feedback and brainstorming ideas for improvement for new product ideas, modifications, and suggestions to consistently grow and bring you the best product available on the market. When we launched the GC1K Series last year, we wanted to bring you more POWER than any other UTV in its class on the market. We did just that, with 83 HP, 60 pounds of torque, and speeds of up to 65 MPH. Hit the nail on the head!

After launching the GC1K, we still felt we could do more. What could we do to build on this model? What could we add to improve and grow the GC1K series?? That’s where the GC1K CREW Series UTV comes in. 

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In the Spring of 2019, we are introducing the Crew model of the GC1K series, allowing you to take it to the next level while bringing more passengers with you. Whether you’re headed deep in the woods or to work on the farm, the GC1K Crew has the horsepower and towing capacity you need to get the job done. 


The style will draw you in, the comfort and power will seal the deal. You will love the added features each stage has to offer. The rotomolded plastics are coupled with a sturdy steel frame for long term durability. Sleek, automotive style headlights come standard with both high and low beams and LED daytime running lights. From custom designed seats to specially engineered air flow, the GC1K Crew offers you the comfort, power, and performance you’re looking for.

This series also comes in 3 available stages, allowing you to select the model with exactly the features you prefer. All of the stages include the following features:
• 1000cc TGB Engine

Best in its class 83HP

67 lb/ft Torque

Up to 65 MPH

Rotomolded Plastics for Strength, Safety, Quality, and Looks

Rotomolded Factory Doors 

¾ Ton Heavy Duty Frame and Components

6 Front Facing Seats

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Although the GC1K Crew series is not officially launched until March of 2019, you can still test drive a model at your local dealer. Once it is launched, the GC1K Crew UTVs will be available in orange, gray, OD green, and Realtree camo. Make your way to your local dealer today to test drive one and experience the POWER yourself.

You can find a dealer here on our Find a Dealer page, or you can visit our website for more specs and information to determine which model is right for you! 

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