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Using your UTV on the job may just be the smartest thing you will ever do! More and more companies across the nation are using Intimidator UTVs at their work sites - not just for power and performance, but for the cost savings, versatility, and maneuverability. Farmers and Landscape Professionals are also utilizing the capabilities and advantages of our UTVs. Old school said to only use your UTV in convenient places in comfortable weather. Why not put our Intimidators to work 12 months out of the year? 


Unfortunately many people think a UTV is only used for hunting and off-road driving. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Although these are awesome ways to use our UTVs, many are changing the way they utilize them day in and day out. Farmers are using them to mend fences, haul hay, as well as transport crew to various parts of the farm. Intimidator UTVs can help with transportation, hauling tools, and speeding up tasks. Many hospitals, golf courses, private clubs, churches and other large businesses that are spread out over several square miles, depend on our UTVs for shuttle services - even in rainy weather. With a cab enclosure option, our Intimidator UTVs can keep your client or customer high and dry regardless of the weather. 


Many times on a construction site there isn’t a lot of room to maneuver with even a normal-sized truck. Our UTVs are the right size to get in and out of places you would never access otherwise. Maximizing a crew’s efficiency is a top goal for any company, especially when it comes to finding the best way to maintain a large property that requires a variety of services. 


Many construction, landscape, and other companies are mandated to keep things as quiet as possible when they are on the job. This is one reason golf courses utilize electric golf carts instead of gas or diesel motorized carts. Churches and schools are also places where you don’t want to distract attenders and students. Electric UTVs are getting better each year with a longer range and more capabilities. Compared to their noisier counterparts, electric motors are quiet and environmentally friendly. Don’t let our 48-volt brushless electric motor fool you. There are plenty of reasons consumers are choosing electric, and why our Intimidator Electric UTV has been voted one of the best UTVs in the industry!

Features include:

  • 30HP

  • Max 23 mph

  • 119 lb/ft Torque

  • Battery lifespan of approximately 500-600 deep charge cycles with proper battery maintenance

  • Regenerative Braking

Our electric UTV is an amazing option, offering a 4-wheel hydraulic disc braking system, towing capacity of 1500 pounds, payload capacity of 1200 pounds, a standard 2” receiver hitch, and a 700-pound capacity cargo bed that dumps. The newly-designed battery packs also hold twice the power as their predecessors and are quickly charged.


When you’re at the job site, whether you’re farming or at a construction site, EVERYONE needs more storage! The GC1K Truck offers two all-metal, heavy duty tool boxes to store your equipment, tools and supplies for the next job. The fully welded tool boxes offer ample room for storage, have aluminum hinges, and are sealed and waterproof. 


The Versa Bed makes everything easier - whether you’re hauling watermelons from the field or transporting tools at a construction site. Built with high-grade steel for the sides, thick gauge aluminum tread plate floor, and combined with industry- leading bed size, the Versa Bed brings complete versatility to the job. The foldable sides convert to a flatbed allowing you to haul more cargo, use an on-the-go workbench, and load and unload the heavy stuff easily. Plus, an electric bed dump means there’s no shortage of uses.

The Versa Bed is available for the Classic models (except the Electric) and the GC1K Classic models.


Intimidator UTVs are now starting to fill voids not just on the commercial side, but for smaller residential jobs as well. They are very convenient, even on the smallest of jobs. Large construction companies are tapping into the power, pull and cargo space of our UTVs. They’re not only attractive, but they are ready for a variety of tasks. Whether a professional is looking for a better way to transport crews and tools across a site, or manage snow and ice on a customer’s property, an Intimidator UTV is the way to go. 

With the fuel efficiency and savings a company will realize by using an Intimidator UTV on site, your bottom line will look much greener! You will be able to increase your efficiency and justify the cost if you’re making money with a UTV year round. Go by one of our dealers today, test drive one for yourself and see what we’re talking about! Take one home - and better yet, TAKE ONE WITH YOU TO WORK!

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