GC1K Truck in field
INTRODUCING the new Intimidator GC1K Truck UTV for 2020!
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Sometimes in life things are better in pairs. Peanut butter and jelly. Oreos and milk. Bat and ball. Sweet and salty - and the list goes on and on. Each one has individual strengths! Each one can survive alone - BUT sometimes magic happens along the way and BOOM - you’ve got Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup awesomeness!

Intimidator UTV has paired two things that are now revolutionizing the industry as one: Truck and Side-by-Side UTV. Thus, the GC1K Truck UTV new for 2020! Farmers love it. Hunters love it. The day to day UTV driver loves it. 

Loaded with the features you expect from  Intimidator GC1K side-by-sides, this UTV harnesses 83 horses at 65 miles an hour, with 2500 pound towing capacity, 1000 pound payload capacity, equipped with 14” wheels, 8-ply radial front and rear tires and EPS assisted rack and pinion steering. Combine THAT with the advantages of a hard-working truck, featuring the largest bed in the industry at 70x60x14 with fold-down sides, two heavy duty tool boxes for awesome storage capabilities, standard reverse lights and electric bed dump...and you have one amazing, multi-purpose, powerful machine, built right here in the USA! 


The GC1K Truck by Intimidator leads the industry with a heavy-duty frame and an improved plastics package. The GC1K is tougher, faster, and decked out to give you the ultimate side-by-side experience. For the farm, for the hunt, for the family, the GC1K Truck gets is done. Test drive one at an Intimidator Dealer near you!”

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