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Meet the new GC1K. Leading the class with 83 horsepower, this beast offers a heavy-duty frame and components, along with an improved plastics package, 67 pounds torque, and speeds up to 65 MPH. Intimidator UTV is powered by the 1000cc engine, built by the TGB Engine Company

The GCIK is available in the Base Model, as well as Stages 1, 2, and 3. The main differences in the stages are in the tires and wheels, front bumper options, display, and electric or manual dump bed. Here’s a brief comparison of the stages:

GC1K Stage Summary

Base Model

Don’t let the word “base” fool you. This UTV packs an incredible punch, not compromising on performance or style. This model comes with Black Rock tires and black steel wheels. The tires are 9” wide on the front and 11” on the rear. Although there is no front bumper, you can always add one, as well as many other accessories. The 4” monochrome display is also offered on the base model, along with manual assist dump bed and regular stock shocks. 

Stage 1

Some of the main differences you’ll see by upgrading to a Stage 1 GC1K include the Journey tires and aluminum wheels. The tires are 10” wide on the front and 12” on the rear. This model comes with the bottom section of the bumper. The display is also upgraded from monochrome to color. Another improvement is the electronic actuator dump bed.

Stage 2

This stage brings you the 28” radial 8-ply tires and the same aluminum wheels from Stage 1. All four tires are 10”,  8-ply radial with an all-terrain tread. With this unit, you’ll get the bottom and center sections of the bumper. Stage 2 also comes with the 4” color screen and electric dump bed.

Stage 3

One big upgrade in this stage is the full front bumper. The display is a 7” color touch screen, with navigation and Bluetooth capabilities. It also comes with the electric dump bed, and you move up to the Elka shocks. The GC1K Classic Stage 3 comes with 30” tires on 15” rims. 


One unique feature Intimidator is proud of is the many options and features that you can actually combine to build your own custom UTV! Click this link to build one that specifically meets your needs. You can also view this video where Matt Foster explains more about the different GC1K Stages and their specific qualities. Come drive one at an Intimidator UTV Dealer today!


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