Intimidator on dirt trail in woods
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con.quer (kong-ker)

-to acquire by force, to overcome, subdue, to obtain by effort, surmount, to gain a victory over.

These are just some of the words used to define the word “conquer.” In the UTV world it’s all about conquering. Whether you’re navigating rough terrain, going through water, driving in the rain, wind or snow, driving to the deer stand or duck blind, or simply cruising on a beautiful trail to enjoy the scenery, you need a UTV that is dependable, powerful, aggressive and strong. Intimidator has adopted the word “CONQUER” for 2019. Let’s look at just a few ways our UTVs will help you conquer, regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way.


Intimidator UTVs are not only American made, they are also made with superior quality and oversized components in Batesville, Arkansas. All models feature a wide footprint, high clearance, a powder-coated, fusion-bonded solid steel bridge frame, and a 5-piece “ROPS” (Roll Over Protection Service) with large diameter tubing. These features help ensure you will overcome and conquer any obstacle in your path with a UTV that is safe, solid and strong!


Choosing any of the Intimidator side-by-sides will give you the upper hand in hot, cold or windy weather, with unsurpassed power, pull, and payload capacity. Several accessories are available to make your ride weatherproof and help to keep you dry, allowing you to plow ahead even in the worst conditions. There are several windshield options, as well as cab enclosures for you to choose from. Why let the weather slow you down? Drive full steam ahead, making the most of your day with an Intimidator UTV!


Farmers work long hours. They expect their equipment to work just as hard. Farm utility vehicles need to be reliable, cost-efficient, and versatile, in order to maximize productivity on the farm. Intimidator offers a number of farm utility vehicle models and options, designed to maximize efficiency, conquering any obstacle you may have on any size farm. With heavy-duty bumpers and large cargo space, we have the UTV you need. One of our newest products is turning out to be a game changer. Priced at under $400, the GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV disc plow is perfect for the farm, and fits most all ATVs and UTVs that are equipped with a 2-inch receiver. “PLOW IT, PLANT IT, BAG IT!”


Whether you’re hunting rabbits, deer, wild hogs, ducks or geese, our workhorse UTVs will provide the edge you need. With several models to choose from, we offer many exciting unique options and advantages, depending on your UTV needs. The GroundHog MAX mentioned above, is also the perfect accessory to prepare your food plots. They can plow forward and in reverse, allowing you to get the dirt ready, even in the most hard-to-get-to locations. Many hunters choose to go stealth, utilizing the quiet advantage of our electric-powered UTV. With all of our UTVs, you will experience large cargo space, enabling you to easily transport deer stands and other hunting-related equipment easily. Hauling the harvested game out of the woods is a breeze. Harvest it, haul it, hang it!


Intimidator offers world-class, American-made, side-by-side 4x4 vehicles with unparalleled strength, power, and performance at an affordable price. We have dealers located throughout the country, ready and willing to assist you in purchasing the UTV that fits your needs. Conquer it all with an Intimidator UTV this year!

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