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Camping season is here! Early projections show that more people will be camping in 2021 than any previous year in history! With the onset of the 2020 pandemic and the rising need for people to isolate and do more in the outdoors, camping is a win-win. Intimidator UTV realizes the benefits of camping as more and more people are bringing their UTVs with them on the journey. Not only are there trails to ride, but many UTVs are geared up to be street legal in many states. 

Under the Intimidator Group umbrella, Bad Dawg Accessories is your one stop source for all things UTV. So before you get your gear loaded and head out, here are some accessories to help make your camping experience much more enjoyable!


Don’t let the hot sun spoil the trail ride on your next camping trip. We have several roof options to choose from - whether you just need a simple rooftop, or the works with a full cab enclosure. The full cab version not only provides more protection, but features an all-steel construction, fold-down tempered glass windshield, rear sliding glass window, rear sliding glass window, gutters on the roof edges, doors with plexiglass uppers/glass lowers and more!

Other options include the ArmorTech Crew Cab Enclosure for Intimidator Crew models 2014 to current, the Classic ArmorTech Cab for Intimidator Classic models 2014 to current, and more!


Having ample storage on any camping trip is a must. Our UTVs have plenty of room in the cab as well as in the cargo/bed area - but in case you need a tad more, we have several options for you to consider!

Universal Cargo Roof

Looking to keep extra cargo, riding gear and even your coolers stored away while out riding the trails? If so, then you are guaranteed to get what you ask for with the all new Cargo Roof Rack from Bad Dawg Accessories. This cargo rack is made from solid American steel and has a black powder coat for superior protection. It is designed to fit any side-by-side or UTV. 

Intimidator Rear Cargo Rack

The Intimidator Rear Cargo Rack allows the rider to carry extras above the cargo bed. This is a perfect spot for coolers, life vests, fishing gear and more!


Using a small lantern or relying on the glow from a campfire may do, but when you need to take lighting to the next level, our LED Light Bars are the answer:

14” Bad Dawn LED Light Bar

 Features :

  • 60 Watt BadDawg Light Bar

  • Up to 6000 Lumens

  • Custom Optical Lens

  • Black Extruded Aluminum

  • IP67 Rated

  • UV Proof

  • Waterproof

  • BadDawg Logo

  • Brackets and Hardware Included

  • Harness Not Included - Part Number 693-3764-00 - $25.00  (1 harness will power 2 light bars)

30" Bad Dawn LED Light Bar

Features :       

  • 120 Watts BadDawg Light Bar

  • Up to 13,000 Lumens

  • Custom Optical Lens

  • Black Extruded Aluminum

  • IP67 Rated

  • UV Proof

  • Waterproof

  • BadDawg Logo

  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware Included


Being able to shield yourself from harsh winds, dust, as well as bugs that are in the air, adding a windshield to your UTV is the thing to do. We offer several options from a Tilt-Out Windshield, a Full Windshield, to a Front-Folding Windshield to accommodate your preference. 

Image title


It’s always a good idea to protect your UTV investment from the weather. In any given camping scenario, your surroundings can be unpredictable. Our covers are available for single cab UTVs, as well as crew cabs. Retailing at only $75, these covers are made of weather resistant oxford cloth, come with a light duty storage cover with carrying bag, and have reinforced tie-down grommets. 


For that extra lift for the little ones on your trip, consider buying these solid steel, square tubing side steps. They not only look sporty, but the tread plate also provides that extra grip to prevent anyone from slipping. 


Driving your Intimidator UTV on the trails is quite a thrilling experience! But are there times when you wish you could cruise highways and byways? Being able to drive your UTV on the streets makes it easier to hop from trail to trail, navigate the roads during inclement weather conditions, or allows you to simply cruise down to the local restaurant.


The good news is that side-by-sides can now be easily modified to become street-legal in over HALF of the United States based on requirements set by the state, county, and city of residence. If you think you’re ready to take your side-by-side UTV to the next level by making it street legal, the process may be easier than you think! Our Turn Signal Kits are so affordable and easy to install. We have several options to fit various models, so be sure to choose the right one!

Turn Signal Kit for 2018 - Current (does not include GC1K Models), and contains the horn, turn signal pod, and hardware kit.

GC1K Turn Signal Kit Options:

2018-2019 GC1K

2020-2021 GC1K


Making your utility vehicle the best multi-use tool you can make the most out of your investment. These accessories really help to create the best vehicle for your needs and help turn your UTV into the best camping companion. Get out there and enjoy the beauty of nature and all the adventures it provides for you! 

Visit our ACCESSORIES page on the site to browse other ideas for things you might find useful to add onto your side by side.

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