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8 Tips for Winterizing Your Intimidator UTV
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Winter is here like it or not! With the falling temps and potential harsh weather conditions, many Intimidator UTV owners choose to store their UTV during the colder months. If so, these 8 tips are for you!


While there are several things to consider when storing your UTV, the FIRST step is to always clean it. Thoroughly wash your UTV - top to bottom, side to side, front to back. Of course it is a great idea to wash your side-by-side after every use; however, before storage it’s a good idea to give it an extra-thorough cleaning. Scrub every inch of your machine. Consider using an old toothbrush to get those hard to reach areas. 

Cleaning and detailing your ride will not only make it look great, but it keeps mud, oil, and other “gunk” from causing deterioration of your exterior surfaces and other components. Mud and oil can eat away at exposed surfaces over time. Once it’s dry, give it a good hand wax for added protection.


Add some fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank and then top off with fresh fuel. This reduces the surface area inside the fuel tank that can form condensation. For best results, use premium gasoline and run the engine a few minutes to allow the stabilizer to work its way through the fuel system. Shut off the engine, and turn off the gas valve.


Grease it good! An often-ignored item is the greasing of the pivot points in the suspension and steering systems. A-arm bushings, swing arm pivots, and shock bushing/bearings all need to be lubricated to keep them in tip-top shape. This will also help to prevent corrosion.


When storing your UTV it is important to give your battery some attention. Failure to do so will decrease battery life. Remove the battery from the UTV, top off the electrolytes and give the terminals a thorough cleaning. Give some thought into where you will store the battery. It needs to be where it will not freeze, as well as stored out of the reach of children. Don’t leave it on concrete - but consider up on a shelf, or locked away. Concrete will cause the battery power to drain and can result in decreased battery life.


In order to keep excess dirt and other components from getting into your engine during the months of storage, changing the oil and filter before storing your UTV is key. Old oil contains acid from the combustion process, which over time, can attack internal components and cause corrosion. 


One of the biggest concerns when storing any vehicle is the possibility of rodents and other small animals getting inside and causing costly damage. Mice especially like to find cozy, small spaces to build a winter nest. Glove boxes, engine compartments, and other areas in the UTV are prime targets. In order to keep these animals out of your side-by-side, you can tie plastic bags over the exhaust pipe, the CVT intake, and the CVT exhaust. Not only will this keep critters at bay, but it also helps to keep excess moisture from getting inside. 


Your Intimidator UTV manual holds valuable information for your specific vehicle. It can give you even more details about storing and maintaining your side-by-side. Whether you are getting ready to store your UTV for a few months or shutting it down for the winter, these few tips can help your ride run smoothly season after season.



  • Check your UTV for loose hardware, lug nuts, steering linkage, suspension and motor mounts. Adjust and tighten as needed. 

  • Clean and prep the air filter and wipe out the air filter box. 

  • Remove the spark plugs and put a drop of motor oil into the spark plug hole and reinstall the spark plug to the manufacturers specification. 

  • Lubricate all levers and cables to prevent corrosion and keep them moving smoothly.

  • Check your recommended tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire, then check the pressure with a gauge. Make sure to pressurize the tires to the proper psi to keep them from weather cracking.

  • Cap the exhaust to keep critters out. To a small rodent, it looks like a nice, warm winter home.

  • Push the machine into a shed or garage and place it up on blocks. Expensive jack stands aren’t necessary; cinder blocks or heavy plastic milk crates work just fine.

  • Place a tarp over the UTV to keep excess dust and vermin away. If desired, leave an open can of auto wax on the floor under the tarp. The smell repels mice, chipmunks and other small pests.


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