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When it comes to hunting, your UTV is your best friend. Like a good bait-cast reel is to fishing, your side-by-side is the hunter’s hand in glove. With difficult terrain to cover, cargo and crew to transport, as well as having a UTV that is dependable and capable, Intimidator knows how important our rides are to those who pursue big game. 

To break it down, here are 4 reasons hunters need an Intimidator UTV:


Whether it’s carrying all the gear needed to set up an elk hunt base camp, or used for transporting corn for feeders, or even setting up deer stands and ground blinds, the UTV has proven to be hands down the best tool in the hunter’s hands. Working smarter, not harder, is what a side-by-side facilitates. From our Classic Series to the Intimidator Truck Series, there is a size to fit your cargo-carrying needs and your budget. We also offer a Versa Bed which easily transforms into a flatbed, allowing you to carry wide loads and more gear. 


Last year one of our writers for Intimidator bagged an old buck. He was by himself and needed to not only hoist the deer to clean and skin it, but also to transport it out of the woods. By using the UTV winch and a nylon rope looped over a large tree limb, he was able to easily get it up and off the ground. Once the deer was ready to load, he simply tied off the rope, backed the GC1K with the VERSA BED under the deer and lowered it into the bed. Easy peasy! 

Even if you have other hunters there to help, the UTV just makes this entire process a breeze. Bag it, tag it, hang it, haul it.


The UTV has proven to be just the ticket to transport you and your hunting buddies to the woods. With our Intimidator GC1K Crew Series, you can haul even more hunters, dropping them off at their stands or ground blinds with ease. Our Crew Series comfortably seats six adults in premium bench seats, and has a full size bed in the back to hold all of your hunting gear. 


Quiet. Odorless. These two words come to the mind of any hunter who desires to enter the woods undetected. What an advantage it would be to make the trek to your favorite hunting location in a UTV that can’t be heard and can’t be smelled. For hunters who are disabled in any way, the Intimidator Electric UTV can be driven and parked next to your stand or ground blind, making the hunting experience very enjoyable! Some of the features of our Electric Series UTVs include: 

  • 30HP

  • Max 23 mph

  • 119 lb/ft Torque

  • Battery lifespan of approximately 500-600 deep charge cycles with proper battery maintenance

  • Regenerative Braking

Our electric UTV is silent and smooth, yet packs the power typical of an Intimidator. This quiet machine allows you to enjoy the ride without the loud noise and smells from a gas or diesel engine system. Able to handle heavy loads and terrain, the 48-volt electric motor provides ample power, enabling the UTV to handle all obstacles in its way.


Every Intimidator packs unparalleled power, strength, and performance to help you get the job done and accelerate your adventure. Discover how you can take your hunting passion to the next level with one of our UTVs! We wish you success in the woods this year - and hope you will join the thousands of other hunters who can’t live without one of our side-by-sides! Experience the difference and come test drive one at a dealer near you today!

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