GC1K Soft Door and Rear Window Combo

This enclosure is made of a heavy-duty ballistic material and installs easily. Sides attach with wraps around your roll cage and across the top of your factory door with your choice of self-adhesive snaps (no drilling required), or pop rivet snaps (drilling required). Each window unzips from the bottom allowing the door to fully open with unsnapping any snaps. The windows also unzip from the top allowing windows to open for air or just reaching out of UTV for doing things like retrieving mail, or opening gates, etc. The entire side can be removed in seconds to allow for removal in warmer weather.

The back has a large window to provide an unobstructed view. Can be used in the rear position, or moved up behind front seat as a middle window allowing full use of you dump bed

After the initial installation of setting your snaps etc. Which takes less than 1 hour. The enclosure can be removed in just a minute, and reinstalled in less than a minute.

: GC1K single cab and GC1K Truck 

Part #: 693-3603-00

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-WWB1Z4c8o&feature=youtu.be to watch install video.

Notes: The GC1K Soft Cab Enclosure will work with your existing Half Doors, roof, and windshield. 

Installation instructions here

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