Intimidator Front Windshield - Lexan

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Putting a windshield on your UTV is a great investment. Being free of dust, bugs, and flying debris will make your riding a lot more enjoyable, not to mention drier in the rain. Who wouldn't enjoy more comfortable rides in their UTV? With Bad Dawgs easy installation, you can have your new windshield on and going in no time and all the hardware you need is included. 

This Lexan windshield is 1/4" thick and has a sliding vent at the bottom to adjust your airflow on those warmer days. The scratch-resistant material for this windshield is made in the USA and will provide you and your riders with clear and protected riding enjoyment. Made specifically for the Intimidator, it's a precise fit every time. 

  • Made from 1/4" thick Lexan polycarbonate
  • Sliding vents for adjustable airflow
  • Scratch-resistant material
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Protect you and your riders from the elements
  • Made in the USA

Models: 2014-2018 Classic, Crew, and Truck (not GC1Ks)

Part #: 793-1002-10
MSRP: $450.00
*Shipping/Installation not included in MSRP. Contact your local dealer to purchase this accessory.

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